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Saturday, June 28, 2008

My Baby Loves to Eat Ripe Mango

One of my baby’s favorite fruit is mango. Every time we went for grocery I always bought mangoes because I love it too. After we ate our lunch we used to eat mango. Because of that I took my baby’s picture while she eats this mango. She really enjoyed eating the seed of mango. Korea imported mangoes and pineapples in the Philippines and I’m so proud of it.

Saturday’s Dinner Is My Favorite

Every Saturday my husband and I had an agreement that were going to have Samgyupsal for our dinner. Samgyupsal is really my favorite, it’s interesting and I enjoyed it. Samgyupsal is very common menu here in Korea, you can see it every restaurant. Samgyupsal is grilling of pork at the table it’s very interesting and very delicious. We grilled pork in the table and I prepared green onion leaves sliced in small pieces mixed with sugar, vinegar and red pepper powder, we also buy vegetable leaves and green big size pepper which is not hot. If the pork already done I put in my hand a leaves then the pickled radish then the well cooked pork, the seasoned green onion leaves and ready to swallow. It’s so yummy. My husband likes to eat with garlic and green pepper I also tried to eat green pepper and it taste good because it’s not really hot. That’s why I always wait Saturday night to come, I really love samgyupsal. Sometimes my friends and I went to a restaurant to eat samgyupsal of course using chopstick.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Toxic Pesticides Found Inside MV Princess of the Stars

Lots of people near the sea where the ferry had sunk were alert because of the poisonous pesticide found inside the cargo. They are not allowed to go fishing or selling fish which they got near the floating ferry because it’s so delicate for their health. This pesticide for pineapple called Endosulfan. Endosulfan can kill humans with a ratio of 0.8 to eight milligrams per one kilo. It can be a catastrophe. It is a highly hazardous and toxic chemical. The substance which is in flake powder form does not dissolve easily in water but could break up and settle on the ocean floor. The ferry was carrying a container packed with insecticides when it went down with over 800 passengers and crew. The pesticide was contained in plastic bags tied only with twister wires, and enclosed in a 40-foot carton. It is in the cargo compartment of the stern, the part of the ship that had been submerged deepest. The authorities would launch legal proceedings against the ferry's operator of Sulpicio Lines for not informing them of the toxic cargo. Vice Pres. Noli De Castro said that it’s so dangerous so they aborted the retrieval and they stopped the divers because of the problem with pesticide. The pesticide cargo belonged to Del Monte Philippines. They were trying to determine whether additional charges against Sulpicio should be filed. There will also be an investigation into the liabilities of Del Monte and the Philippine Coast Guard which admitted that it was not aware that the ship was carrying pesticide. Passenger vessels like the MV Princess of the Stars are not allowed to carry toxic chemicals. De Castro was angered by the fact that Sulpicio Lines did not inform the government that the ship was carrying pesticides even as rescue operations were in full swing. There are no immediate signs that the poison has spilled. Foreign and local divers suited in protective gear would examine the vessel again on Saturday to determine how the pesticide could be retrieved. Divers who had been searching the ferry for four days and the bodies that had been recovered would be examined for possible exposure to the poison. The residence people there were now having a problem because there were no more fishes for them to sell and as well as the costumers because their afraid to have disease causing the toxic pesticide.

My Baby Likes a Toy Car

Every time we went to my friend’s house with my baby, she really loves to play with the toys. After our school I let my baby to walk and then we passed by a small restaurant with a toy car parked outside, every time that we passed this place my baby really stopped and hold this toy car, she really loves to play with it. She want me to put her in because she wanted to ride it but I can’t I just called her for us to went home because I’m shy because it’s not our toy car. So when my husband arrived I told her to buy a toy car or a bicycle for my baby because she really likes to have it and I showed him this picture with my baby holding the toy car. My husband promised to buy when his salary will come. I hope so that he will buy because my baby doesn’t have toy car at home. My baby loves to play and I saw her happy face holding that car. Sometimes my husband doesn’t like to buy toys for my baby maybe he thinks its only wasting money but for me it’s a part of our kids to enjoy playing while their kids and I want my baby to have those things that I didn’t have when I was a kid.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

My Baby Was Not Feeling Well Today

This afternoon after I done all my household chores, me and my baby fall asleep. Then when I woke up I wonder why my baby didn’t got up I thought she’s still sleepy so I just let her slept again but then I realized that it’s not natural for her to sleep that long and when she woke up she usually got up and went to the kitchen but now she felt weak and she likes to lie on bed. When my husband arrived from work I told him about it and then we prepared our dinner then I heard my baby coughing, I hurriedly looked her and I saw her vomiting, I called my husband to help me, our bed sheets were all mess and dirt and it smells bad so I had to wash them all. We didn’t take our dinner because I and my sister in law went to a clinic to check my baby’s condition. Then after checking up my baby the doctor gave a prescription for my baby’s medicine. My baby’s body was a little bit hot so the doctor advices to take her shirt off to reduce her body temper. When we were going home I told my sis in law to put on my baby’s shirt because it’s cold outside but she said no then we had argument, Is she insane it’s cold outside then she want my baby not wearing her shirt because it’s doctor’s advised, where could she find people outside who’s taking off their shirt, I really felt anger at that time so she had nothing to do I had to cover my baby with my jacket. Then when we’re at home my baby didn’t stop vomiting she doesn’t finish her dinner yet but then I gave her medicine and thanks God she felt better. I’m so hungry its passed 9 PM I haven’t eat my meal yet. Then we let my baby took off her dress and wipe her with cold towel to reduce her temper. Even my baby felt bad but she didn’t cry she just behaved and if I dance to make her smile she smiles too.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Philippine Tragedy: MV Princess of the Stars Sunk

I was so shocked when I've heard the news in the Philippines about Typhoon Frank tore into the center of the country at the weekend, toppling the MV Princess of the Stars, with 865 passengers and crew on board, as well as a coal tanker and eight fishing vessels, and displaced hundreds of thousands. The overall death toll from the sixth typhoon to hit the Philippines this storm season could reach around 1,100, while the damage bill to homes, bridges and roads has been put at nearly 1 billion pesos. Inocencio Rosario said that they saw a lot of bodies below but there have decomposed already. They need to use weights on the bodies so they could pull them out of the holes of the ship and when they have taken them out, they will take off the weights so that the bodies would float to the surface. So far, 48 people are known to have survived the tragedy but hopes of finding more alive are dim. One survivor said there was a near stampede in the economy cabins when the captain ordered people to abandon ship. Passengers jostled one another to make it to the upper deck and many women and children were left stranded. Jesse Buot said that about 400 people were able to leave the ship, some in life rafts but most jumped to the water leaving their fate to God like him. About 50 bodies were found floating around 100 km they were from the ferry last Wednesday. The retrieval operation is precarious. The ferry's stern off the central island of Sibuyan is wedged on a rocky ledge and strong waves could cause it to slide down. Rescuers need body bags it’s running short of body bags and formaldehyde. Shipping tragedies are common in the Philippines because safety rules are poorly implemented and substandard vessels ply dangerous waters.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Ampalaya with Egg

Lots of vegetables in Philippines I missed to eat and cook. That’s why I was looking in all markets here in Korea but some vegetables that I want were not available here. Some of my Philippine friends told me that there’s a Philippine store who sold vegetables like ampalaya, string beans and etc. but it’s out of stock. Last Sunday when I went to church after the ceremony I saw some displayed ampalaya so I didn’t hesitate to buy it and it’s the only pack that was left. Then I brought it at home and cook it with egg. I washed the ampalaya and putted salt on it and squeezed it to remove the bitter taste of ampalaya. Then I stir-fry the garlic and onion and add the squeezed ampalaya and add small amount of soy sauce, then when the ampalaya was already done I added the beetled egg and seasoned with salt and it really taste good. Ampalaya is nutritious and its good for those anemic persons.

Summer Season Fruit in Korea

In Korea you may see varieties and different kinds of fruits in the market, one of this fruit was a plum which I saw abundant amount in the market. I think plum is the summer season fruit in Korea because I only saw this fruit during summer. Plum or gage is a stone fruit tree. Plum fruit is sweet and juicy and it can be eaten fresh or used in jam-making or other recipes. Plum juice can be fermented into plum wine; when distilled, this produces a brandy known in Eastern Europe as Slivovitz, Rakia, Tzuica or Palinka. Dried plums are known as prunes. Prunes are also sweet and juicy and contain several antioxidants. Pickled plums are another type of preserve available in Asia and international specialty stores. Plums come in a wide variety of colors and sizes. Some are much firmer-fleshed than others and some have yellow, white, green or red flesh, with equally varying skin color. Plums and prunes are known for their laxative effect. This effect has been attributed to various compounds present in the fruits, such as dietary fiber, sorbitol,[2] and isatin.[3] Prunes and prune juice are often used to help regulate the functioning of the digestive system.

My Sleeping Beauty

I loved to watch my baby while she’s asleep. My baby can’t sleep without her pacifier and I’m worried about her tooth but in the other hand this pacifier was flat so it’s not that so bad. My baby’s wake up time is 10 o’clock in he morning, every time I awakes her for school at 8:30 o’clock to take shower she cried because I disturbed her but it calms when she knew that we’re going outside and hurriedly got up and ready to took her shower. At night if my baby was awaked and then she saw me sleeping she will also went back to sleep. In the morning, I’m already awake and she’s still in bed at 11 o’clock and I’m waiting her to awake so I got my camera and I took some pictures while she’s asleep and suddenly she opens her eyes and smiles at me. Well that’s my baby she got up with a beautiful smile.

Best Soup for Summer

Are you looking for a soup which is suits for summer? Summer is very hot and we need some soup that best for summer. Here’s a cold soup, it’s refreshing and delicious. I always prepared this to my husband last summer and now I have to make it again for him. Want to know this soup? Well it’s easy to prepare. Try this recipe and feel the refreshing soup for summer.

1/4 lb. cucumber
1/2 strip brown seaweed
1 1/2 cup water
1 tsp. vinegar
1 tsp. sugar 1 tsp. soy sauce
2 tsp. salt
1/3 green onion
1 red pepper
Ice and MSG

How to Prepare:
1. Cut the cucumber into thin strips.
2. Soak and clean the seaweed in water. Scald slightly in boiling water and rinse it in cold water.
3. Pour the water into a bowl and sprinkle in the vinegar, sugar and salt. Add the cucumber, seaweed, red pepper strips and ice and serve.
Hint: 1.If you add thinly sliced tomato it becomes “cold tomato soup”
2. Be sure to boil the water first and then use it after it is cooled.

Hardest Day during School

Having a baby with me when going to school to study Korean was very hard for me. Last Feb. 18, I began to study Korean language with my baby. I only walked going to school in order to save money because it’s not far from our house and sometimes riding taxi if it rains or lack of time. Carrying 15kilos baby makes me tired, it loses my weights. In Philippines I weights 48kilos and now I only weights 41kilos. I didn’t let my baby to walk when going to school because it takes so long and surely we will be late but if we’re going home I put her down and let her walked. At school I can’t concentrate sometimes during our class because my baby felt asleep or want to ride the baby carrier that’s why I brought her something to eat so that she won’t disturb me. I told my mother to come here to help me with my baby but she refused to come here, well its her decision and I can’t force her. Hopefully I can survive because I won’t stop going to school in order to learn no matter how hard, is for my own good.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Stir-Fry Beef with Peppers

Do you like cooking different dishes of different country? Well as for me I like trying to cook different dishes especially that I’m now here in Korea I want to explore cooking and taste their food. One of my favorite viand here was this stir-fry beef with peppers. It's easy to prepare and the ingredients are easy to find and it’s very delicious. It's little bit spicy but really yummy. My husband really loves to eat this. Here’s the recipe and try.

1/2 lb. beef tenderloin 3 oz. Korean green pepper
1 tablespoon rice wine 3 red peppers
2 tsp. soy sauce 3 cloves garlic
1/2 tsp. salt 1 tablespoon oil
1 tsp. sugar 1 tsp. salt
1 tablespoon cornstarch powder 1/2 tsp. sugar

How to prepare:
1. Cut the beef into thin strips and season it with the rice wine, sugar, soy sauce, salt, and cornstarch powder. Let it stand for 10 minutes.
2. Cut the green peppers into thin strips and soak them in water to remove the “hot taste.”
3. Slice the garlic into flat pieces.
4. Stir-fry the green pepper and red pepper strips lightly with the salt and sugar in an oiled pan.
5. Stir-fry the garlic and seasoned beef in a lightly oiled pan. Add the #4 peppers and stir-fry again.
Hint. Fry the green peppers only slightly to keep the color clear. Green peppers contain much vitamin A.

My Growing Up Baby

As a mother I am so happy and thankful that God given me this very wonderful gift, my precious baby. When my baby came to my life it feels so wonderful it heals my loneliness. At first I’m not feeling good here in Korea because I’m always alone at home, my husband was working and I felt bored and I missed Philippines that’s why I want to have a baby then I was pregnant and I’m happy to knew it. My baby filled my loneliness. It’s so nice when you saw your growing up baby and observed her improvements. I’m so happy every time I saw my baby’s improvements even though it’s a small thing but it means a lot to me. Every time I had a problem in Philippines or here if I looked at my baby and she smiles at me those smiles feels that something touched my heart, those worries were gone. I should say that my baby is my best medicine. My baby already knew how to walk and run and we played together, we slept together, we’re took shower together and we went to school together, always together. I’m so happy when my baby knows how to talk, she commonly says “Omma” which means mommy in English rather that “Appa” which also means daddy. It feels so good to hear my baby calling me omma. She also says her favorite “abuba” which means baby carrier. Every time I told her to say appa she always replied omma. My baby knew how to perform beautiful eyes by winking her eyes. Every time I went out with her she’s always center of attraction, lots of Koreans likes her, they loved to play with her and she loves it too. My baby also loves pictorial ever time I says “hana, dol, set” which means ready 1, 2, 3 she make some peace sign with her fingers and smile, she’s a camera addict. I’m so happy to have her and I love her so much more than anything else.

My Baby's New Feeding Bottle

My baby was 3 months old since I begun stop my breastfeeding because my breast milk was gone, its stops so I had to feed my baby with canned milk. My baby grows healthy. I let her ate both Korean and Philippine food and I’m so thankful that my baby doesn’t choose foods, whatever I prepare she loves it that’s why she’s very healthy. She’s now 1year old and 6months and she weights 15 kilos unlike my friends’ babies even they are older than her but they were small compared to my baby. I really like my baby’s body, chubby and really cute. I really did extra care of her health. I let my baby use feeding bottle with nipple but I changed it into a feeding bottle with handle and rubber straw because I care about her tooth. My baby already had complete tooth and I don’t want her tooth be deformed and destroyed. The advantage of using this new feeding bottle was that my baby learns how to feed herself even without me but of course I always watched her because sometimes she wasted some of her milk and played with it.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

My Husband’s Bad Habit

I’m so thankful that my husband didn’t drink any liquor or wine. He’s a good husband and a father. But one thing that I don’t like about him was his vice, his bad habit being cigarette smoker. I really hate to smell the smoke of cigarette because even though we didn’t smoke if we inhale those smokes we might get some illness. I told my husband to stop smoking because it’s not good for his health especially to his lungs and not only for him but also for us and our baby and it causes bad breathe. But he said that he can’t stop smoking because if he won’t smoke he felt sleepy. He said its already part of his life and his body looks for it. So I was curious what’s on that cigarette why many people can’t stop themselves smoking even they doesn’t get any profit on it, they could only get illness and wasting money. So I tried 1 stick to know how it tastes but it isn’t taste good. Buying cigarette was just like burning money. I had nothing to do with my husband if he can’t stop being a cigarette smoker, all I want that if his going to smoke he must do it far or away from us so that we can’t breathe it. Now, every time he smokes he went outside our house.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Homemade Wine Collections

One of my husbands’ hobbies was collecting homemade wines. He made it by himself. He bought big glass jars and puts Korean alcohol named Soju. Every jar he mixed with Korean wild ginseng, woods grown ginseng, grapes and berries and he let it stay for long time. I’m confused of what’s my hubby's reason why he made those wines yet he didn't even drink liquors or wines. Well it’s his effort and he expenses his own money for it. I asked him what’s his point of collecting wines and he said it’s good for the eyes. Those wines are for display and house decoration only. Well if those wines will taste good for me maybe I will be the one to drink all of it, lol…

My Baby's Accident

Since my baby knows how to walked, I keep on eyeing her because I'm afraid of what will happen to her.My baby really loves strolling outside.She wants to go outside to play,walk and run with me.Everytime I told her to get her shoes she runs quickly to get her favorite shoes.She was the one who brings the key of our house.She likes to take steps at the stairway and she doesn't take a step without me holding her hands thats why I had confident that if shes at the stairs nothing will happen to her.One day we went out to play and walk outside then I walked before her because I was looking for my sister in law if shes outside our house and I thought my baby was at the door and when I turned back I saw my baby rolling at 4 steps stairway and her face got bumps on the floor and followed her loud scream.I was shocked and I'm shaking of what had happened and I quickly got my baby.I hugged and kissed her, I don't know what to do to make her calm.Then I saw her swelling forehead and I put some ice on it.I felt so sorry of what had happened to my baby because it's my fault of not supporting her when she takes steps at the stairway.Well they said its a part of growing up babies but its our responsibility to secure their safety because they need our guidance and care.

Summer Is Here

This month is the starting of summer season here in Korea. Even though it rains here I can't stop myself of buying my baby's summer clothes. I want my baby beautiful and cute the way it looks. Last day after our Korean class me and my friend stop-by at the subway to find some stuff and then we saw this cute little dress that suits for summer. I love the color and it's girly and sexy so I didn't hesitate to buy it because it's affordable. It's cheap but elegant. Here's sample picture of my baby wearing it.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

My New Life in Korea

As a Filipina who got married with Korean we need to adjust the environment, weather, lifestyle, food, tradition and the people around us. At first when I came here it’s really hard for me to adjust especially the weather and Korean food because it’s really different the way I lived at Philippines. It’s hard for me to communicate them because some of them didn't know how to speak English and like my sister in law and my husband they only knew few words. So in order to communicate them we had to use internet translator, dictionaries, books, and all the things that could help. I had a problem also with their food because mostly they ate with hot and spicy food and it didn't taste good for me it loses my appetite. I also got a problem with their weather because when I came here its winter, I was very cold. I thought it’s not really cold because every time I saw foreign movies it seems they didn't feel coldness but I’m wrong its very cold and I need to wore lots of jackets, the thicker the better. It’s my first time that I’m away with my family and friends and leave my country for good. I communicate them through internet and cell phone. Then last month I begun studying Korean, I went to school with my baby every Monday and Wednesday to learn more about Korean language. In the Philippines I already used 3 languages which are Bisaya, Tagalog and English and now here comes my 4th language which is Korean. As of now I accepted my new environment little by little. I now love to eat their food such as kimchi, kimpap, samgyupsal, etc. and I already know how to prepare and cook them .I also love their weather, I love to see different colors of the leaves during autumn, love the coldness during winter, the beautiful and colorful different kinds of flowers during spring and the beach during summer. I'm not really good at Korean language but the knowledge that I had learned is very useful for me to communicate them

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Newbie Blogger

As a newbie in this blogging world, I really don’t know what to do and where to start with. Actually I was encouraged to start blogging because of my sister’s blog. It is so impressive that she earned extra money besides from her work. She’s been inviting me to start this blog as early as I can but honestly I just don’t know what to do. While keeping in touch with my sisters’ blogging career, I found that she was doing well with it. And now I said to myself that I want to start blogging now. Even though I am not good with this but at least I will just try. I really do believe that there is no harm in trying. Just try and try until you succeed! And finally, I end up with my site titled “Miss Korea”. The title itself refers to the world where I belong now. And the Miss Korea will be my precious little daughter. I hope you will always bear with my post.