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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Pet Peeve

Every individual has 'pet peeves' in different places and we can’t blame them if they do. Just like my husband, he hates seeing hairs in the floor or in the bathroom. He always complains about it. And when I asked him why, he said, that the hair is the most disgusting part of our body. And he argued that he saw it on through microscope that there were tiny worms crawling in it. And maybe that’s why he always keeps his hair really short and make sure it never touches his face. It sounded really strange to me but it is definitely his “pet peeve”.

So now tell me about your pet peeves? It might sounds interesting too!

Collision Repair Expert

Accident can happen anytime and anywhere. Whether you are a cautious driver yet there are some reckless drivers out there. And getting into accident is a serious headache. Your insurance will automatically goes up and car repair is very expensive. That’s how auto body yorba linda oversees this situation to render the best help for you. And their main concern is to provide us with their genuine products and services. And every time you count with them on fixing your car, you can get the full confident of getting in your and drive safely because they will ensure that your car won’t never take any chances getting the vehicle back to pre-accident condition no more. This local collision repair expert will give you the best quality service that you need and get you back driving on the road safely.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Night Vision

Can you really control your dreams?

A dream during your deep sleep is just a fruit of your worn out mind. This is the time to see something unusual with your eyes closed. It can be a replay or continuation of your past activities. Or it might be the reaction you mind towards solving your problems that really bugs your mind. It feels so real most of the time but when you wake up, it will totally disappear. Some parts of that dreams will make you excited, scared or cry but always bear this in your mind that dreams can’t be a reality.

And if you think your dream will push you through a nightmare, just fight for it and try to open your eyes. But if you can’t, always remember that you are the main character in your dream. You can do whatever you want. You can even change the flow and drive your dream to a happy ending.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Win BluGamer Xbox 360 Elite System

The BluFrog Energy Drink is the hottest drink this summer. I always carry couple bottles when I’m out for a walk. And it gives me more strength and energy to walk for an extra mile.

Did you hear about the latest Blu frog event? It’s all about the Blu World “contest” in which the BluFrog Energy drink launched the very exciting contest throughout the year. This will make every one surprise and happy. Plus, this contest is so easy! No purchase is needed but you can still win some amazing prizes. All you need to do is share your best experience on what would you choose if you win with BluFrog prizes or you can simply tweet on twitter to spread out the words about this contest. For more information, please follow this link http://itsabluworld.com/contests/rules/. Winning something could be the best opportunity.

And if I have to choose, I would love to have the BluGamer Ultimate Gaming Package: Xbox 360 Elite System (includes 1 controller & Xbox LIVE Headset), Rock Band 2 Bundle, Call of Duty: World at War Complete Package, Xbox Wireless Networking Adapter, Complimentary X-Shot, 2 Cases of Blu Frog Energy. This gaming package would be a big surprise for my daughter since she loves to play video game.

So come on, join with me to win BluFrog five amazing prizes! Exciting and surprising, it’s definitely a Blu World!


Great Reasons to Drink Green Tea

Green Tea extracts is considered as one of the best anti-oxidants with very effective and powerful anti-oxidant components. In fact, Green tea occupies the fifth spot of the best anti-oxidants ever found.
The green tea has a flavonoid poly phenols also known as bioflavonoids that produces anti-oxidant effects which help protect your body cells against free radicals. Free radicals have bad oxidative effects that can potentially damage body cells.

The polyphenols EGCG anti-oxidant is 100 times more effective as compared to vitamin C and E. It helps prevent thrombosis which is the leading cause of heart attack and stroke.
The weight loss effect in green tea happens because of the EGCG anti-oxidant that improves energy and helps accelerate faster fat burning. Green tea has been known as an ideal choice for many people who want to loose weight without experiencing negative side effects.