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Friday, June 20, 2008

My Baby's Accident

Since my baby knows how to walked, I keep on eyeing her because I'm afraid of what will happen to her.My baby really loves strolling outside.She wants to go outside to play,walk and run with me.Everytime I told her to get her shoes she runs quickly to get her favorite shoes.She was the one who brings the key of our house.She likes to take steps at the stairway and she doesn't take a step without me holding her hands thats why I had confident that if shes at the stairs nothing will happen to her.One day we went out to play and walk outside then I walked before her because I was looking for my sister in law if shes outside our house and I thought my baby was at the door and when I turned back I saw my baby rolling at 4 steps stairway and her face got bumps on the floor and followed her loud scream.I was shocked and I'm shaking of what had happened and I quickly got my baby.I hugged and kissed her, I don't know what to do to make her calm.Then I saw her swelling forehead and I put some ice on it.I felt so sorry of what had happened to my baby because it's my fault of not supporting her when she takes steps at the stairway.Well they said its a part of growing up babies but its our responsibility to secure their safety because they need our guidance and care.
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