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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Crystal Singing Bowl for Meditation

Have you ever heard about the unique handicrafts collections from Tibet and Nepal?

Well then this finest unique collection is known as the "roof of the world," the Himalayan expanse is full of myths and mystery and home to many unique instruments of meditation and relaxation. The Crystal Singing Bowls is manufactured to create a beautiful song perfect for meditation and healing. Each singing bowl has individually recorded sound file and pictures to ensure their customers product satisfaction. This collection features two new products. The first product is Spouting Bowls also known as Water Spring Bowls or Fountain Bowls. These Spouting Bowls have 2 handles on each side of the bowl and are filled with water. When a person rubs their hands on the handles it creates friction and vibration that cause the bowls to spout water like a fountain.

The Silver Sky Imports boasts the finest assortment of singing bowls in the West, providing next day shipping anywhere in the world for all our customers and all our items have 100% no hassle satisfaction guarantee.

Spending my Vacation

This week I had my job interview for part time teaching and while waiting for the result I need to spend time for my family that’s why we decided to spend just four days vacation to Namhae. Besides that I love spending time in that place because I can get fresh sweet potato leaves and all kinds of vegetables. I love the scenic beauty as well. That place is like a hidden treasure for us. I missed my mother-in-law and pretty sure she’ll be happy to see her grand daughter. She really loves having us once in a while. And actually it is nice for our family bonding. And if luckily I will get the job, it’s gonna be hard for me to take off for a vacation. So now I rather enjoy it before I, myself will get tied to a job.

Friday, May 15, 2009

No.1 Car Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning in you car is very important especially this summer season. Driving and sitting your car without air conditioning is very uncomfortable. The heat inside your car will cause you a headache as well. So, it is very important to take good care our air conditioning by replacing it right away.

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Friday, May 8, 2009

Parents Day

Today we celebrate the Parents Day here in Korea. Yesterday we made flower arrangement for us to give to our parents-in-law. It was very interesting and very beautiful. Today also when I got my baby from school she brought gifts for us. It was pairs of socks and juice but what I like most was the card, it was very nice with my baby's picture and drawing with her lips being stamp on the card. I felt so happy to saw it even though it was not that good drawing but for me it was the very beautiful drawing that my baby made. I love my baby so much and I hope as a parent I can give her what she needs, support her what she wants and mold her well to grow responsible and God-fearing. Happy Parents Pay to all parents like me.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Student Loans

In the whole wide world, United States has the excellent educational program that all students and parents can benefit. As you can see they showed value on education, as some generous agencies provides student loans for all students who can’t afford non-college or college education. This educational program leaves no excuse against poverty. The student loan is an excellent step on earning higher education that is very relevant for your future.

The student loans is one of the nation's fastest growing student loan providers and an expert resource of financial aid information. For more than ten years, they have helped undergraduate and graduate students and their families’ access federal and private student loans, free scholarships and consolidation funding.

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Boxing: Manny Pacquaio vs. Ricky Hatton

The undefeated Manny Pacquaio once again made a remarkable history for all the Filipinos. I, and myself had a ghost bumps when I saw Hatton crashing down unconsciously. I was little bit scared that Pacquaio might killed him during the fight.
The event was held in Las Vegas, Navada– It took just 359 seconds to add the latest devastating chapter to a legacy that will last for decades. Manny Pacquiao’s flurried fists made short work of Ricky Hatton on Saturday night at the MGM Grand Garden Arena and delivered the most emphatic proof yet that boxing has a superstar for the ages operating at his peak. Manny Pacquiao sent the Englishman crashing to the canvas twice in a frenetic first round, and then sealed the contest with a brutal left hook that had Hatton out cold on his back with one tick remaining in the second round.
For Pacquiao, CONGRATULATIONS for the consecutive triumphs! And as the heroes future is brighter than ever, and the legend continues to grow. And long live for Philippines!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Trusted Online Resource for Auto Parts

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