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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Hardest Day during School

Having a baby with me when going to school to study Korean was very hard for me. Last Feb. 18, I began to study Korean language with my baby. I only walked going to school in order to save money because it’s not far from our house and sometimes riding taxi if it rains or lack of time. Carrying 15kilos baby makes me tired, it loses my weights. In Philippines I weights 48kilos and now I only weights 41kilos. I didn’t let my baby to walk when going to school because it takes so long and surely we will be late but if we’re going home I put her down and let her walked. At school I can’t concentrate sometimes during our class because my baby felt asleep or want to ride the baby carrier that’s why I brought her something to eat so that she won’t disturb me. I told my mother to come here to help me with my baby but she refused to come here, well its her decision and I can’t force her. Hopefully I can survive because I won’t stop going to school in order to learn no matter how hard, is for my own good.
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