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Friday, September 26, 2008

Potato with Onion

My mother-in-law send us potato from their farm at the province. My husband loves to eat potato with onion and he requested me to cook it for him. It's very easy Korean style of cooking. All you need is 1 round potato, slice it in strips, 1 round onion slice it also. First you will put those sliced onion in an oiled frying fan then add the potato then seasoned with fine salt and when you already notice that it's already tender put sesame seeds, spread it on the top. Then you can now serve it.

Here Comes Autumn Coldness

Yesterday my baby had her monthly check up at the hospital and I only wore her short and t-shirt. When we went out it's not really cold and we really can't feel it because we were riding taxi. When we got there I wandered why it became suddenly cold. I had nothing to do with it so I carried my baby and hugged. Yesterday was the starting of Autumn coldness here in our place. Until now, even though I'm inside the house I really felt cold and wore jacket. Christmas also is fast approaching, I just hope I can go back home in my country and celebrate my Christmas with my family and attend our 1st Grand Alumni Homecoming at SAVHS, my secondary school. I really miss my high school friends. In God's Will I hope He will Touch my husband's heart and let me and my baby go to Philippines.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

How to Play BINGO.

Have you played bingo before? So do I, when I was a kid I always wanted to go with my mother just to play bingo. My mother loves to play bingo that's why I learned and love to play with it. Every time my mother sold vegetables to our neighbors she always drop-by at our neighbor's house to play bingo with them. It was very interesting game. The letters of BINGO on those cards had its different numbers and if the number of our card called we put little stones on it to serve as a mark. This also called a game of chance in which randomly selected numbers are drawn and players matched those numbers to those bingo cards. It was very exciting and best passed-hour game. Every time the draw begins the excitement also begins. The first person to have a card where the drawn numbers form a specified pattern (usually in a straight line) is the winner and calls out the word "Bingo!" So when I got noticed that we won I hurriedly shouted BINGO! and the price was there and we were so happy. But sometimes it's not always a lucky day so expectedly we can also be loser and that is what a game means, there's a winner and a loser. Sometimes we went home with a happy face but sometimes my mother got a high blood.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

My New MP4 Player

Last time when I went to Namhae I really need some device like mp3 so that I won't be bored there. I decided to borrow my friend's mp3. I really want to have one that's why I told my husband that I want to buy mp4 player. My husband gave me money but his sister told him that she will let me borrow her mp4 and I felt not good of borrowing it because I want my own because maybe later if I want to use it and then she will going to use it also. I went to the shop to looked for it and I found this nice one. It's thin, affordable, it's 45,000won in Korean money, and I really like to have it. Now I always bring it with me every time I went to school or going out.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Sesame Plant

Have you seen a sesame plant before? It was my first time to see a sesame plant in my whole life at my mother-in-law's farm and all the neighborhoods. Only here in Korea where sesame plants can be seen everywhere. I saw lots of it at Namhae when I went there for vacation. By that time, they were harvesting it and dried them up under the sun. Sesame seeds are very well-known not just in Korea but internationally as the best Asian cooking ingredient. Koreans often called it "key sogom". They mainly used it for cooking almost every dishes to add 'taste'. Sesame seeds are also good for bread toppings. Here's some pictures of sesame plant.

Chuseok Day

Last Thursday I and my baby went to Namhae at my parents-in-law's house to help my mother-in-law preparing foods for chuseok. I borrowed my friend's mp3 player so that I won't be getting bored there.We stopped-by at the terminal to eat because we were very hungry, we ate kimpap and my mother-in-law ordered 3 kimpap to take out but we forgot to bring the kimpap, we left it at the restaurant.

Well I really enjoyed my stay there because it was a nice place and I felt relaxed. I took a walked to see those plants of my mother-in-law's farm. I saw another different kinds of plants like sesame plant and lot more plants but I don't know their English name. I helped my mother-in-law cooked different dishes. My mother-in-law give me money as a gift and I'm really happy of it for additional savings. We also went for fishing and I really enjoyed it. When we got there I was the first who caught fish and they were so amazed. I caught lots of fish and we made raw fish sashimi. I really had a nice vacation and we went here in Pusan at 3am. When I got home I was so angry because my sister-in-law didn't throw our garbage and she didn't clean our house. I felt really bad because she didn't went to Namhae to help us and she stays at home doing nothing.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I'm Currently on Vacation

Hello friends thank you for always supporting and visiting my site, I really appreciate it. I'm sorry if this few days I can't follow your footprints but hopefully when I'll get back I can visit your site too. As of tomorrow I and my baby will going to Namhae to help my mother-in-law to prepare foods for Chuseok. Thanks guys God bless and have a nice weekend.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Life Being an OFW( Overseas Filipino Workers)

OFW are those Filipino people who works abroad. A life of OFW is very hard especially being far from their love ones. They want to work abroad to earn much money for the future of their family. Good opportunities in the Philippines are not abundant to achieve most of their dreams. Working abroad is one way of fulfilling these dreams. But working abroad does not always give full beneficial returns for each of the Overseas Filipino Workers. Some may be very lucky to have a very kind employer but some may not. Some can get the perfect job that they really wanted, others cannot. Some gets high paying jobs, some do not. Some Overseas Filipino Workers have the opportunity to bring their families with them but some do not. The sacrifices of Overseas Filipino Workers cannot be avoided as they need to struggle to fulfill their dreams and to achieve success in life. Those hardships and sacrifices should bear good fruits rather than withered tree.
This day I read a letter of supplication from one of Filipino who works here in Korea through friendster bulletin, try to have time to read this: "Fight for OFW's Rights"
*Ang MOA(memorandum of agreement)na nilagdaan ngNPS(NationalPension Scheme)ng S.KOREA at SSS(Social SecuritySystem)Pilipinas ay isang kasunduang hindi makatwiran at makatarungan.
>Ayon sa kasunduan ng NPS at SSS ang lum sum refund o kukmin(sa salitangkoreano)na natatanggap ng bawat manggagawa sa ilalim ng EPS(EmploymentPermit System)maging ang lahat ng manggagawa na ay directang mapupuntasa SSS,athindi na makukuha ng manggagawa pagkatapos ng kanyang 3 taongkontrata ng pagtatrabaho,sa halip magsisilbi itong contribution sa SSSat makukuha lamang pag sapit ng 60 taong gulang ng manggagawa...
>Nakakalungkot isipin na ang tanging inasahang ipon na dapat sanaymaaring gamiting kapital sa negosyo ng pag-uwi ng pinas pagkatapos ng 3taong pagpapagal at pagbabanat ng buto ay mauuwi lang sa wala.
>Ang masaklap pa nito,ilalagak ang nasabing lumb sum refund sa isangahencia ng pamahalaan na puno ng anomalya,ang SSS....Hindi pa bakontento ang pamahalaan sa milyon milyong dollar remmitance ng mga OCWat pati ang perang dapat sanay kaagad na mapakinabangan pAg balik ngbansa ay PINAGINTERESAN PA?,,,,
Sa PAMAHALAAN ng pilipinas,MAAWA naman kayo sa min,dugo at pawis ang pinuhunan nmin,maraming muraat insulto ang tinitiis namin mabigyan lang ng maalwang buhay ang amingmga pamilya..GINAGATASAN NYO NA KAMI,WAG NYO NA KAMING NAKAWAN!!!!!
sa mga nanunungkulan po sa Pinas
> tama nga naman po
> maawa naman kayo...
> alam ba ninyo ang hirap at pasakit
> na aming tinitiis?
> alam ba ninyo kung ilang sigaw at mura
> ng koreano ang aming natatangap?
> alam ba ninyo kung ilang gabi
> kami na hindi makatulog
> dahil sa lungkot na nadarama?
> alam ba ninyo na ilang beses
> kami nalilipasan ng gutom
> dahil sa dami ng aming ginagawa?
> alam ba ninyo na hindi naman
> lahat nga nandito sa korea
> ay ganun kalaki ang kinikita?
> sabi ninyo...
> kami ang mga bagong bayani
> masakit namang isipin
> na ang mga bayaning naturingan
> ang mga bayaning hirap at luha
> ang puhunan
> nais pa ninyong pahirapan
> huwag naman sana ninyong kunin
> ang pera na tangi naming inaasahan
> para sa aming kinabukasan
> at para na rin sa aming
> mga mahal sa buhay....)

Monday, September 8, 2008

"Chuseok: or Harvest Moon Festival Day : Korean Holiday

This Thursday I will going to visit at my parents-in-laws house to celebrate chuseok. Chuseok called "Harvest Moon Festival Day in English. This is one of the great national holidays of the year. On this day a feast is prepared and families hold memorial services at the family grave site. Viewing the full moon is a feature of the evening. Chuseok will be held on 13th, 14th and 15th day of this month of September.It is a kind of thanksgiving. My mother-in-law and I will going to prepare food for the celebration. They will going to make settings of foods as an offering to their passed away relatives like their parents or grandparents. They will going to vow in front of those prepared foods with the picture of their passed away love ones. This is also the time that the family gathered together to see each other. They will also go to their old relatives to take a vow with their children and those children will get money from their relatives as a gift. Others already cleaned the grave of their passed away relatives for them to visit during chuseok day and offer foods together with their families.
I can't visit you guys because I will going to have a vacation maybe I will see you when I'll be back soon.

First Day of School

Today is the first day of our Korean class after we had our summer vacation for 1 month. There are lot's of changes like our school, we had our new school, very wide and a building with elevator and it feels really comfortable to bring my baby riding her stroller. I meet also new Filipina friends, new classmates and also new teacher. we had also new looks like me with my rebonded hair and Vietnam also had their curly hair. They also gave us new books. After our class we went to mcdo to had our snacks with our new Philippine friends. Then we decided to go to my new friends' house and had our lunch with them. We also took pictures as our souvenir.

Sending Money

Last Wednesday I sent money to the Philippines. When I went to Kookmin Bank to send money through western union, I was very disappointed because the value of Korean money compared to dollar is very low rate. I sent money plus the charge and then my aunt told me that western union in Philippines also got a charge of .13$, it feels really bad because I already paid here and they also got charge there. I want to send money to Metro Bank but the problem is our place in Philippines doesn't have Metro Bank, it was very far and it needs to expend money for fare. I hope that western union in Philippines would stop collecting charges from the money we send because it's already double charge and it's not fair.

This is a chart of Korean won rate compared to US dollar as of September 5,2008

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Studying Korean Cuisine

Today we had our first study on Korean cuisine. I woke up early this morning for preparation. I and my baby went at the city hall to meet my co-students and teacher to accompany us in our cooking place. I was so tired carrying my baby and walking long distance. When we got the place it was small, crowded and sultry place. We observed first the demo of Korean woman on how to prepare the food. I'm not satisfied the way she had the demo because it was not well organize and she prepares 4 recipes and it was very hard for me to take note those what she did because she mixed the other ingredients in other recipe and we were confused on it. I can't concentrate the demo because my baby cried, she's not feeling okay on that place. We cooked together with another students from different school and with Korean woman helping us. It was hard and we can't learn it because we're in group I just want to cook on my own alone so that I will know how to cook the dishes. Then after we cooked, we ate together. Our teacher called us to had our meeting and she told us that we won't coming back next Tuesday, maybe she saw the hardship especially for a mommy like me who brought our children because there's no one who watch for our babies and we had to carry our baby while we cook and it was really tiring situation. When I got home I ate with my baby because we were very hungry and we sleep together.

Trying Some Hair Style

Yesterday we went to a hair shop for me to try some hair fashion. I decided to rebond my hair. Well, my hair is straight and I want it to be more straight, shiny and good looking. It's my first time to use medicine on my hair because I'm afraid to try knowing some people who made it and their hair were destroyed but I just think that I will do it only now and no more next time so that my hair won't die and destroyed. When it's already done I feel confident and good.

the result