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Monday, June 23, 2008

My Baby's New Feeding Bottle

My baby was 3 months old since I begun stop my breastfeeding because my breast milk was gone, its stops so I had to feed my baby with canned milk. My baby grows healthy. I let her ate both Korean and Philippine food and I’m so thankful that my baby doesn’t choose foods, whatever I prepare she loves it that’s why she’s very healthy. She’s now 1year old and 6months and she weights 15 kilos unlike my friends’ babies even they are older than her but they were small compared to my baby. I really like my baby’s body, chubby and really cute. I really did extra care of her health. I let my baby use feeding bottle with nipple but I changed it into a feeding bottle with handle and rubber straw because I care about her tooth. My baby already had complete tooth and I don’t want her tooth be deformed and destroyed. The advantage of using this new feeding bottle was that my baby learns how to feed herself even without me but of course I always watched her because sometimes she wasted some of her milk and played with it.
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