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Friday, June 27, 2008

Toxic Pesticides Found Inside MV Princess of the Stars

Lots of people near the sea where the ferry had sunk were alert because of the poisonous pesticide found inside the cargo. They are not allowed to go fishing or selling fish which they got near the floating ferry because it’s so delicate for their health. This pesticide for pineapple called Endosulfan. Endosulfan can kill humans with a ratio of 0.8 to eight milligrams per one kilo. It can be a catastrophe. It is a highly hazardous and toxic chemical. The substance which is in flake powder form does not dissolve easily in water but could break up and settle on the ocean floor. The ferry was carrying a container packed with insecticides when it went down with over 800 passengers and crew. The pesticide was contained in plastic bags tied only with twister wires, and enclosed in a 40-foot carton. It is in the cargo compartment of the stern, the part of the ship that had been submerged deepest. The authorities would launch legal proceedings against the ferry's operator of Sulpicio Lines for not informing them of the toxic cargo. Vice Pres. Noli De Castro said that it’s so dangerous so they aborted the retrieval and they stopped the divers because of the problem with pesticide. The pesticide cargo belonged to Del Monte Philippines. They were trying to determine whether additional charges against Sulpicio should be filed. There will also be an investigation into the liabilities of Del Monte and the Philippine Coast Guard which admitted that it was not aware that the ship was carrying pesticide. Passenger vessels like the MV Princess of the Stars are not allowed to carry toxic chemicals. De Castro was angered by the fact that Sulpicio Lines did not inform the government that the ship was carrying pesticides even as rescue operations were in full swing. There are no immediate signs that the poison has spilled. Foreign and local divers suited in protective gear would examine the vessel again on Saturday to determine how the pesticide could be retrieved. Divers who had been searching the ferry for four days and the bodies that had been recovered would be examined for possible exposure to the poison. The residence people there were now having a problem because there were no more fishes for them to sell and as well as the costumers because their afraid to have disease causing the toxic pesticide.
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