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Saturday, June 21, 2008

My Husband’s Bad Habit

I’m so thankful that my husband didn’t drink any liquor or wine. He’s a good husband and a father. But one thing that I don’t like about him was his vice, his bad habit being cigarette smoker. I really hate to smell the smoke of cigarette because even though we didn’t smoke if we inhale those smokes we might get some illness. I told my husband to stop smoking because it’s not good for his health especially to his lungs and not only for him but also for us and our baby and it causes bad breathe. But he said that he can’t stop smoking because if he won’t smoke he felt sleepy. He said its already part of his life and his body looks for it. So I was curious what’s on that cigarette why many people can’t stop themselves smoking even they doesn’t get any profit on it, they could only get illness and wasting money. So I tried 1 stick to know how it tastes but it isn’t taste good. Buying cigarette was just like burning money. I had nothing to do with my husband if he can’t stop being a cigarette smoker, all I want that if his going to smoke he must do it far or away from us so that we can’t breathe it. Now, every time he smokes he went outside our house.
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