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Thursday, June 26, 2008

My Baby Was Not Feeling Well Today

This afternoon after I done all my household chores, me and my baby fall asleep. Then when I woke up I wonder why my baby didn’t got up I thought she’s still sleepy so I just let her slept again but then I realized that it’s not natural for her to sleep that long and when she woke up she usually got up and went to the kitchen but now she felt weak and she likes to lie on bed. When my husband arrived from work I told him about it and then we prepared our dinner then I heard my baby coughing, I hurriedly looked her and I saw her vomiting, I called my husband to help me, our bed sheets were all mess and dirt and it smells bad so I had to wash them all. We didn’t take our dinner because I and my sister in law went to a clinic to check my baby’s condition. Then after checking up my baby the doctor gave a prescription for my baby’s medicine. My baby’s body was a little bit hot so the doctor advices to take her shirt off to reduce her body temper. When we were going home I told my sis in law to put on my baby’s shirt because it’s cold outside but she said no then we had argument, Is she insane it’s cold outside then she want my baby not wearing her shirt because it’s doctor’s advised, where could she find people outside who’s taking off their shirt, I really felt anger at that time so she had nothing to do I had to cover my baby with my jacket. Then when we’re at home my baby didn’t stop vomiting she doesn’t finish her dinner yet but then I gave her medicine and thanks God she felt better. I’m so hungry its passed 9 PM I haven’t eat my meal yet. Then we let my baby took off her dress and wipe her with cold towel to reduce her temper. Even my baby felt bad but she didn’t cry she just behaved and if I dance to make her smile she smiles too.
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