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Thursday, June 19, 2008

My New Life in Korea

As a Filipina who got married with Korean we need to adjust the environment, weather, lifestyle, food, tradition and the people around us. At first when I came here it’s really hard for me to adjust especially the weather and Korean food because it’s really different the way I lived at Philippines. It’s hard for me to communicate them because some of them didn't know how to speak English and like my sister in law and my husband they only knew few words. So in order to communicate them we had to use internet translator, dictionaries, books, and all the things that could help. I had a problem also with their food because mostly they ate with hot and spicy food and it didn't taste good for me it loses my appetite. I also got a problem with their weather because when I came here its winter, I was very cold. I thought it’s not really cold because every time I saw foreign movies it seems they didn't feel coldness but I’m wrong its very cold and I need to wore lots of jackets, the thicker the better. It’s my first time that I’m away with my family and friends and leave my country for good. I communicate them through internet and cell phone. Then last month I begun studying Korean, I went to school with my baby every Monday and Wednesday to learn more about Korean language. In the Philippines I already used 3 languages which are Bisaya, Tagalog and English and now here comes my 4th language which is Korean. As of now I accepted my new environment little by little. I now love to eat their food such as kimchi, kimpap, samgyupsal, etc. and I already know how to prepare and cook them .I also love their weather, I love to see different colors of the leaves during autumn, love the coldness during winter, the beautiful and colorful different kinds of flowers during spring and the beach during summer. I'm not really good at Korean language but the knowledge that I had learned is very useful for me to communicate them
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