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Friday, June 27, 2008

My Baby Likes a Toy Car

Every time we went to my friend’s house with my baby, she really loves to play with the toys. After our school I let my baby to walk and then we passed by a small restaurant with a toy car parked outside, every time that we passed this place my baby really stopped and hold this toy car, she really loves to play with it. She want me to put her in because she wanted to ride it but I can’t I just called her for us to went home because I’m shy because it’s not our toy car. So when my husband arrived I told her to buy a toy car or a bicycle for my baby because she really likes to have it and I showed him this picture with my baby holding the toy car. My husband promised to buy when his salary will come. I hope so that he will buy because my baby doesn’t have toy car at home. My baby loves to play and I saw her happy face holding that car. Sometimes my husband doesn’t like to buy toys for my baby maybe he thinks its only wasting money but for me it’s a part of our kids to enjoy playing while their kids and I want my baby to have those things that I didn’t have when I was a kid.
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