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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Groupon: Where all the Smart Online Shoppers Shops!

As much I like shopping, I do love to save too! I prefer to shop with coupons handy when I do In-Store shopping for discounts and just a fingertip online at Groupon.com. I found it very convenient to shop online than walking in a store. Thus, it eliminates the hassle of  dealing with cashiers and the lines that are waiting to check out. Plus, I like the fact that it automatically sent me notification for daily deals. Shopping could be anytime and anywhere. So far this year, Groupon saves me hundreds compare to my last year's expense on Christmas gifting. Who wants to save with me? Groupon is just a click, so sign up now!

Gerardo Gamboa- Taxi Driver of the Year 2013

I was thrilled when I turn on the TV and saw this angelic face of a "TAXI DRIVER OF THE YEAR". A heroic deed of a  54-year-old, Gerardo Gamboa, Filipino-American taxi driver who currently resides at Nevada found a paper bag full of bundled cash worth $300,000.00. I am impressed that there are still honest taxi drivers out there. After getting $5 dollar tip from his passenger that he picked up from the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas to Palm Place Hotel, still his kindness in heart and honesty reigns!
"I just want to do the right thing", Gamboa said to the reporter.
Sir, you are an icon and thanks for making every Filipinos around the world happy and blessed to hear such good news! Kudos to you, Gerardo Gamboa and Mabuhay!

Slingbox: Cutting off Cable Bills.

For those who are not familiar of slingbox then time to learn more about it. Slingbox lets you connect, access and watch your TV/DVR remotely through internet. For instance, if you have multiple locations and cutting off or eliminating your cable bills is your goal then getting slingbox could benefit you a lot! I have a friend who just purchased one and got it connected directly to the DVR and created and linked an account that transmits signal from it remotely. Just simply have a laptop handy with an HDMI cable to hook it up on your TV and transfer a live cable show to a widescreen. Switching channels is very convenient by using the e-remote. You can definitely enjoy your favorite show no matter where you are. It does saves money every month especially if you are a constant traveler.

How to Retrieve Google Log Ins or a Blogspot Log In?

The last time I visited my other blogspot account was last July of this year. I tried logging in by using my email and password but it did not work. I attempted to change password but it was linked to my old eudoramail account that's no longer exist. Now I am trying to figure out on how to retrieve my blogspot's log in. I did try to check if that email account is link to my blog but it showed unlink. Is there any help for this kind of problem, please? I would highly appreciate it! Thank you so much.

Keurig: What is it?

I had a big question mark on my face when I first saw the word Keurig. One of my Facebook friend's posting was about buying Keurig or not. It made me so curious about that word.
It kind of bugs me so I asked my friend what it was all about and totally forgot of getting a quick answer by using Mr. Google instead. Then, I got some kind of explanation that, it is some sort of a coffee machine. And I was left hanging and thinking it could be an espresso coffee maker? But NOT even close after seeing a real face of Keurig at my friend's house that looks like this.
and got to try the coffee that came out from it. A coffee machine indeed!

uDemy: Learning Advanced Microsoft Excel Online Course

Personally, I thought I knew Microsoft Excel fairly well but No. I was  challenged to learn more about Excel when my job puts me to the field where I had to deal with making reports on Excel. At first, I was like... Yeah piece of cake! But then dealing with those Pivot tables and tracing formulas needed more than just my basic knowledge of handling spreadsheets. Then I feel dumb and my brain wouldn't stop bugging me to learn more about it. So technically, I needed to update my knowledge since 2005 was the last time I was exposed to MS Excel.

Upon looking for solutions to feed up my brain, I stumbled on one of those online courses, Udemy.com which you can manage and control your own time  and learn anywhere at any time. I currently learning Advanced Microsoft Excel 2013 for Windows and Mac OS. Never stop learning!

InStore or Online: After Christmas Shopping

I kind of love shopping! Who doesn't? I't eases my boredom although it sometimes puts me out of budget but it means saving for the coming year too.  And who can resist to those 75% to 80% markdowns? I just think this is the best day of the year for early shopping for the next Christmas or getting gifts for family and friend's birthdays. Most of the stores starts their sale right after Christmas until the week ends. As they are trying to get rid of those 2013 trends and bringing in the new designs for 2014. And these days are the smart shoppers days! Happy Shopping everyone!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Personal Review for Pebble Smart Watch

I bought two of these Pebble Smart Watches from Amazon.com as a last minute Christmas present; one for myself and for my boyfriend. I was very excited to use it for the first time with my IOS phone. I got to used it for couple minutes and suddenly it appears to be "PITA". The bluetooth connection is not stable and it keeps kicking me out from the watch. I tried to reconnect it but it is almost impossible. Plus, there are downsides that I didn't realize like, it is not that smart phone to answer a call since there is no speaker or mic attach to it, and you have to buy those apps in order to get email notifications from your phone to your watch. Therefore I decided to send my item back to the seller without a second thoughts and now I am just waiting for my BF to get here and try his surprise and see if my boyfriend's watch would work for his android phone. I paid 119(on sale) for each and it was a total loss.

Free Online Photography Course

Every occasions cannot be completed without taking pictures. So I decided to buy a little nicer smart camera which has a built in WIFI. I love photography and getting such high end camera could be worth it. But there are some things that I didn't understand about my camera since it seems like those pictures that I took always turned out bad. It was a bit intriguing so I decided to dredge the functions within my camera by taking an online course. Luckily, Udemy.com offers a free online photography course that taught me all the relevant functions of my camera. Not to mention, the ISO, shutter speed control, F-stop etc. that I did not even know that they existed in my camera. I have learned the most important functions of it and became knowledgeable about photography in general. I ended up using my manual mode instead of just relying on Auto mode. Now, photography is more interesting and so much fun!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Advantages of Credit Cards with Rewards vs. Regular Debit Cards

Christmas shopping is kicking in every corner folks. I have learned my lessons recently by letting my money slipped through without getting rewards on my spending. It was like throwing my money out the door and never get to see it again. Well, I did some researches, comparison and smart thinking- that if you spend and get rewards back it means you are gaining something back. That would be, cash back or points and boosting up your credit score. Let's talk about these so-called rewards, Cash back is the money that you are going to earn after spending. Who does not want Cash back nowadays? Why credit score is very important? Well, it's the sad truth but most big purchases such as homes, cars etc., requires to run your credit history. And now you are jumping into a conclusion that getting credit card is bad? I would say, Yes and No! It's a matter of your self discipline and strategic spending. I tried to spend the money that I have. Whenever I swipe my credit card, I paid it off right away! I neither let its interest grow nor wait until the due date. Therefor, swipe and earn - it's easy way of spending and saving after all.

Blogging, the way of Making Money Online.

Most people didn't realize that online blogging and putting their ideas could benefit them in the near future and it's a good source of income. I've seen quite a bit of people that knows how to put their words and feelings together and posted it on Facebook. And I was like ... Huh? Why not on a smart way? You can start on writing it through your blog then link it to Facebook and generates more visitors. I know it does take time to start a blog but it could be fun and useful too. You want to know what inspires me the most about blogging? Yes, there is this "HuffingtonPost" which was started by an individual and she made it really popular and sold it in Million. Lessons learned and I currently making money with You blog. You Profit. Sign up for SocialSpark! while sharing my thoughts and enjoying my blogging!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Invest and Manage your Own Money with Scottrade

Don't know what to do with your money? Letting it sit in a bank wouldn't make any good! Before I started investing I had to think hard if what risk should I take and which trading company suits me best. I started with no clue what to do and how market stock works. Gladly Scottrade is very user friendly and their webinar helps and guides me on how to do the right investment. Plus, it's only $7 for trade. I definitely investing it good with them.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Summer Running Gear

I just love summer! I usually spend my days on running in my spare time. I couldn't have done it without my very comfortable running gear from Nike. The lightweight and it fits just perfect. Exercising is more fun when you are all geared up with comfort!