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Monday, June 23, 2008

My Growing Up Baby

As a mother I am so happy and thankful that God given me this very wonderful gift, my precious baby. When my baby came to my life it feels so wonderful it heals my loneliness. At first I’m not feeling good here in Korea because I’m always alone at home, my husband was working and I felt bored and I missed Philippines that’s why I want to have a baby then I was pregnant and I’m happy to knew it. My baby filled my loneliness. It’s so nice when you saw your growing up baby and observed her improvements. I’m so happy every time I saw my baby’s improvements even though it’s a small thing but it means a lot to me. Every time I had a problem in Philippines or here if I looked at my baby and she smiles at me those smiles feels that something touched my heart, those worries were gone. I should say that my baby is my best medicine. My baby already knew how to walk and run and we played together, we slept together, we’re took shower together and we went to school together, always together. I’m so happy when my baby knows how to talk, she commonly says “Omma” which means mommy in English rather that “Appa” which also means daddy. It feels so good to hear my baby calling me omma. She also says her favorite “abuba” which means baby carrier. Every time I told her to say appa she always replied omma. My baby knew how to perform beautiful eyes by winking her eyes. Every time I went out with her she’s always center of attraction, lots of Koreans likes her, they loved to play with her and she loves it too. My baby also loves pictorial ever time I says “hana, dol, set” which means ready 1, 2, 3 she make some peace sign with her fingers and smile, she’s a camera addict. I’m so happy to have her and I love her so much more than anything else.
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