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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Spending Great Vacation at the Philippines

Last December 25 we went to Philippines having our vacation. It was very hard to travel with lots of baggage and carrying my baby with me. When we arrived at Davao we stopped-by at the hotel and we also went to the hotel where I worked before having SPA whole body massage so that our body will be relax. Even though the weather in the Philippines was not that good but I really enjoy being there spending my new year with my family. We also went to beach. I ate those fruits and foods that I really miss. Because of the bad weather I had a cough and loses my voice, it's really bad but it doesn't matter. We also went to the calvary taking pictures, had our videoke song with my family. We went to the river and my baby enjoyed swimming and throwing the stones. We had lots of fun and it's very unforgettable moment.

Monday, January 26, 2009

High School Reunion Batch '03

Meeting my old friends was one of the reason why I really wanted to go to Philippines for vacation. I miss them and I wanted to see and know their situation with their new made family. Lots of my friends did changed in terms of their physical appearance they also had their own family and kids. I really did enjoyed myself having fun with them and having our meal together. We had our reunion at the beach. We enjoyed talking about lots of experience, playing, taking pictures, dancing and singing with videoke machine. Spending my vacation with them was really a great memory that I will bring with me here in Korea and hoping someday it will happen again. Here are some of our pictures:

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

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Out of Town

I know that some of my cyber friends were wondering where I was. Yeah, it’s been quite a while since I ignore my blog writing because I am trying to focus my attention with my family here in Philippines right now. It simply means I am currently in my vacation and I promise to tell you more some interesting stuff that happens and those exciting moments during my high school reunion and I will try to upload some pictures later.

Right now I just enjoy my vacation here in Philippines and pretty soon I’ll be back on my blogging world. We’ll see you next time! Happy Blogging folks…

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Acobay Network

It is the right time to share through the consumer network using Acobay. Acobay is a new and unique social network site. Rather than to giving detailed description here, we invite you to use it really for understanding what it is and why it is unique.

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3) Upload some photos for your stuff if necessary.
4) Post few new discuss topics or replies.
5) Browse Stuff Map and member's profile/network.

It is fun especially for the bloggers because it will help you upload images for your blog site without worrying to find a suitable picture for your blog. They will do it for you as you’d like it!