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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Summer Outing at Haeundae Beach

Last Wednesday my sister and her family came over here to spend their vacation. We decided to go to the beach at Haeundae which is the famous beach here in Pusan. There is lots of Korean and foreigners were there to spend swimming. It was really fun to watch people enjoying swimming and playing the waves. Most people are wearing swim suits and swimming trunks. I really wanted to swim but my baby doesn't like to swim because the water was so cold. My baby loves to play the sand; her body was buried in the sand. It was very hot yet we enjoyed it. The beach was crowded of big umbrellas for the people shades. We played and danced there and my baby danced too and people around us were just laughing while watching at her. Then, we went to the shower room to wash the sand from our body. Then, my baby got sleepy; she went slept while waiting and falling in line because lots of people were there to took shower too. Then inside was just a very small space, girls and boys were separated. And when we got inside my baby cried, she woke up because the noise. We hurriedly took our shower because there was a time limit and it was good for only 5 minutes and it wasn’t enough because I had my baby. Here are some photo shots:

Monday, July 28, 2008

Not Feeling Well Daddy and Baby

Last Saturday night my husband was watching television and fell asleep at the sofa so I woke him up to transfer in our room but he told me that he had headache so I massaged his head and he fell asleep. That was Sunday morning, he transfer in our room and said that he’s cold and I felt him, he was hot. Then I got towel and cold water with Isopropyl Alcohol to wipe him to release his temperature but he was still hot, so I called my sister-in-law in her cell phone, I told her to buy medicine for my husband. Then she came and my husband took the medicine. Then I decided to went to church with my baby, After the mass I walked and went home when this Korean girl offers a loaf bread to my baby I refused to accept it because my baby was very sleepy and that girl seems not normal person, I think there’s something wrong about her, but she really want to give that bread to my baby and I felt angry because she really insisted to give it to my baby, I repeat on telling her no, no, it's ok my baby felt asleep but she was very hard headed. So I decided to go changed direction so that she can’t follow us. Then thanks God that girl was gone. When we arrived home I bought some food for my husband. Early this morning we woke up because my baby had cough and vomiting her saliva. Oh… what happen to my baby I really felt sorry about her having cold and cough if only and I could get those illness and transfer it to me I will. It's so hard if baby got sick because they don't know how to take care of it. Well, we went to the clinic for her checked up and buy her medicine prescribed by her doctor. I hope she will feel better soon.

This is Catholic Church at Nampodong with English mass and had Tagalog songs.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Broken Frame, So Sad

Today I woke up early to prepare coffee for my husband before he went to his job. Then I took a nap waiting him to finish his shower then suddenly I was awaken by a big boom!, oh... it's my cross stitch frame, it falls down and broke. I made this cross stitch when I was pregnant with my baby. The glue that sticks to the wall was lost. My frame was very disappointing; it's very nice and expensive. Well maybe I am going to replace the frame. I was so glad that my sleeping baby wasn’t interrupted with the loud noise.

Catholic Against Birth Control Law

Are you in favor of birth control law?
When I watched the Philippines news through internet this news about having birth control program in the Philippines got my attention. The Catholic Bishops were against of having this birth control program because they said it's considered as abortion which is a big sin. This birth control program is an artificial birth control methods in family planning which provides free ligation, vasectomy and contraceptives like pills and condoms to the family who wants birth control especially for those big families. The catholic church banned not giving a communion to those people who supported this program. We all know that the Philippines today was facing food shortage, high price of products and lots of family suffering poverty. The catholic will having a prayer rally as a protest action vs birth control law. In my opinion, I think it's not a kind of abortion, I think this program could help to those family to have family planning instead of having lots of children that they can't afford to give their needs because of having unstable job or low salary. This program is a solution of over population in our country. As we saw lots of street children victims of abandoning by unprepared parents. Mostly parents having lots of children can't afford to send them to school because their income exacts only on their daily consumption or sometimes it's not enough so their kids force to work at young age in order to survive. I think it's a big sin if you had kids but you abandoned them because you can't afford to raise them. To all of us let's not just think the short happiness and contented of little income, we should work hard, save money and always look for the future of our family especially our kids. Let's open our mind and look what happened in our surroundings.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

You Need to Thrive with Payperpost!

As a mother it's really hard for me to find a job without leaving my baby because she is still young and I don't have relatives here to ask for help and I'm not comfortable leaving my baby to any person because I couldn't help myself thinking about my baby. My older sister always encouraged me to join this Payperpost, money making while blogging but I refused because it seems hard and I don't have any idea about it. But then I think if this Payperpost.com will help me earning money without leaving my baby to find a job why not staying at home and try posting blogs in order to earn money during my free time. At the first glance it seems hard to find topics so I need some help from my sister as my guide. Posting blogs really help me a lot, I could expressed my feelings through it, I gain lots of friends, shared about my life here in Korea and most of all it sharpened my English language. This site also helps me to practice the word of mouth ethics considering that all of my posts are purely mine and there's no unpleasant word on it. Well to all people out there especially mommies, who can't leave their kids, try this payperpost site and blog to earn extra money.

What a Great Day

Today when I opened my computer I saw my sister leaving me an offline message saying that my blog has been approved. I hurriedly check my emails because I thought I will wait for 3 months since I was started making my blogs and then I saw PayPerPost sending me an email that I already been approved. I'm so happy to know it because I started making blogs last June and I really thought that they will approve me this month of August. I'm very thankful for this opportunity that they gave me, now I can start earning money by blogging. Thanks friends for supporting me.

Miracle Happened in Our House

Today is the last day of us going to school because we will having our vacation starting tomorrow until August 31, that's why I didn't went home early. I and my friends took pictures and we went to city hall plaza just to kill and enjoy our time. We planned to go to "noraebang" or videoke shop but then our babies got tired and sleepy that's why we decided to went home. When I got home my sister-in-law was there and I was shocked of what I saw, it's a miracle that my sister-in-law cleaned her room and pleated our washed dress. I felt good now that she already did it because last time I was really angry because she didn't help me at home even cleaning her room. Maybe her mother told her to do so because I told my Korean friend about my problems at home and he explain it to my mother-in-law. My Korean friend was shocked when I told him about the laziness of my sister-in-law and he told me that even though I am younger than my sister-in-law she must respect me because my husband is older than her, that's the Korean tradition. I hope that it's not only today.
My baby with her friend

So hot outside

My solo Pose

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Wonder Girls: One of Koreans' Famous Group Singer

One of my favorite group singers is Wonder Girls. I love their songs and the singers. Wonder Girls are made up of five girls namely; Min Sun Yee(leader) Park Ye Eun, Kim Yoo Bin, Sun Mi and Ahn So Hee. Their official balloon color is Pearl Burgundy and fan club name is Wonderful. I love their song like Tell Me and the popularity of “Tell Me” just kept snowballing and it’s effect is still being felt to this day. Their unrelenting schedule of appearing on various programs,”Tell Me“ had a telling effect as the infectious tune and easy dance steps were picked up by fans and non-fans. It was declared a national hit and Wonder Girls were called, “Korea’s Little Sisters” in the month of November. No one can resist having a go at doing the dance apparently. Now here's their new hit summer song "So Hot." Go girls keep up the good work. Here's their pictures and songs;

wonder girls

New Way To Make Pop Corn

Do you love to eat popcorn? One of my friend send me some email about making popcorn using cellphones. Sounds weired right? But it's true I saw a video containing how corn turns into pop corn by putting 3 or 4 cellphones around it and calling the cellphones and shocks the corn jumps and turn into pop corn. Now you can make instant popcorn without a fire or heat. Here's the video site:

Monday, July 21, 2008

Mango Fruit

Do you miss to eat mango fruit? Well so do I, I miss to eat especially the young mango fruit hmm……. taste sour and it made my mouth watering. I remember when I was in the Philippines I and my sisters and brothers used to climbed mango tree to harvest and we love to ate ripe mangoes on top of the mango tree. They are quite juicy and can be messy to eat. The ripe mangoes taste sweet and it's very delicious especially if it's naturally riped on mango tree.

Last day I went to E-Mart to looked for unripe mango because when we went shopping every Saturday we couldn't found unripe mango, the displayed mangoes are all riped. So I tried to went last day and thanks God I found 1 box with 3 pieces of unripe mango and I hurriedly went home to eat it. I washed it and peeled the skin and sliced it. I got my sauteed shrimp paste(ginisang bagoong) and anchovy sauce(bagoong balayan). In the Philippine when we eat mango, we ate it with soy sauce mixed with sugar, salt, ginamos or salted small fish. I also bought ripe mangos for me to make mango shake and eat after my meal with my baby.

My Baby and Her Cousin

My baby doesn't have any playmate at home that’s why every time her cousin went here she really loves to play with her. When we went to my sister in law's house my baby really enjoyed pushing a toy car with her cousin riding with it. Last Saturday we attended a birthday party of her cousin, my family and visitors enjoyed watching my baby pushing her cousin riding the stroller. My baby loves to play with her cousin; I just hope that her dad will buy her bike pretty soon. Here are some pictures:

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Learning Korean Language

Do you want to know about Korean Language or "hanguk mal which is "hanguko"? Well I can teach you some basics of Korean language through this site. I know lots of people love to know and learn different languages and so do I. It's nice to learn Korean language because they always say it in a very respectful way. Using _yo as last word means you are showing some respect especially if you are talking to the elders.

Let's start warming up with the basic words:

a greeting of hello, good morning, good afternoon = "Annyeonghaseyo"
I love you its means ="sarangheyo" or "saranghamnida"
goodbye=" annyeonghi gaseyo"
thank you ="komapsumnida" or "kamsahamnida"
excuse me ="sille hamnida"
please sit down ="anjuseyo"
its okey =" "kweanchanayo"
let's go = "kabshida' or gaseyo
I want to see you ="pogoshipoyo"
nice to meet you= " pankapsupnida"
I'm sick = "appayo"
I'm busy = "pappayo"
please teach me ="karucho juseyo (juseyo means if you want something, like if you want water you'll say muljom juseyo)
where are you going?="odi gaseyo"?
please tell me="malhaejuseyo"
just a moment="jamshiman kidaryo juseyo"
please help me="dowajuseyo"
I'm hungry="baegopayo"
I'm full ="baeboloyo"
I'm bored="simsimheyo
I want to sleep="chagu shipoyo"
I don't have money="ton opsoyo" (have=itta/issoyo , none=obta/opsoyo
beautiful ="yeppuda/yeppoyo
handsome="jalsaengkyossda (it reads as jalsengkyottda)
delicious="mashitta , not delicious="matt obta
hot= tupta , cold= chupta
I'm sorry= mianheyo/mianhamnida
really? = jungmalyo?
breakfast=achim siksa, lunch=jomsim siksa , dinner= jonyok siksa
how much= olmayeyo
expensive ="pissayo"(pissada)
cheap ="ssayo"(ssada)

Happy Learning!
For more about Korean language translation just try this site: http://dictionary.reference.com/translate/

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Korean Style: Birthday Party

Today we attended a birthday party. My sister in law called me in the phone to went at her sister's house early because her mother want to see my baby so we hurriedly went there and I felt anger again with my sister in law because she told me that I should change my sandal because its not good then I told her no it's nice why should I change it, it's hot outside and I'm wearing pants then I saw her dress she only wore shorts, I just laugh because it isn't suits for attending party. When we went outside then she saw me wearing my sandal she told that it's nice, she's very insane. Then we went to the venue of the party it's very nice decorations and delicious Korean food, it's buffet style. It's 1st birthday of my sister in law's baby. we took pictures and had program. Here's some of my shots:

The Decorations

Me and the birthday celebrant

My baby

The parents of the celebrant

Thursday, July 17, 2008

My Baby's Eyeglass

Summer is here so I bought my baby's eyeglass to protect to much light of the sun. I let her wore it and she really loves it, she enjoyed looking her face in the mirror she really feels beautiful wearing it......

Korean's Market

Last night I told my husband that I and my baby will going to Gupo Sijang or market of Gupo here in Korea. Then this afternoon even though the heat of the sun is hot but we still went there to buy things. It's a little bit far from our house so we need to ride on subway and my baby was riding her stroller. I miss to go there because we always went there that time that we lived there but now it's far. Then I saw lots of stuffs, dry goods, vegetables and meats. I bought some dress because it's really cheap, I also buy sweat potato leaves for me to have salad for dinner, I bought sandal and facial wash. I really love to stay there to look around, my baby was sleeping when we went there. I saw also live seafoods, fishes, lots of vegetables, lots of garlic, I think it's really complete. Mostly people went there to buy what they need at home. I had some pictures taken we went there.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Our School Uniform

In our Korean school we don't actually had our uniform but me and my four friends had an agreement to buy a shirt that will serve as our uniform during our Wednesday class. We really did it, we went to market to buy 5 pieces of shirts and we wore it. Our teacher was surprised because we wore the same dress and we told them that it's our uniform. Well they just smile of what we did. But now I'm so sad because 2 of my friends already stopped going to school because they were separated with their husband with any personal reason. We are now 3 Filipina students left but today they doesn't come to school I felt alone but anyway my baby was with me it's ok.

The Beauty of Korea

I should say that Korea is a nice place very clean and organize and the people that lives here are very workaholic and responsible. I stayed at Pusan and I saw the beautiful place when we had our Korean school field trip. We went there last spring season and I saw the beautiful flowers, different colors of the leaves of the trees, different kinds of animals and lots of families having their picnic. All students that studied Korean from different countries went for that field trip like Filipina, Vietnamese, Chinese, Mongol, Russian and also our teachers and other people in city hall. We really enjoyed watching the view and taking pictures. It's very nice place and nice venue for family picnic. Here's some of my shots.......

Monday, July 14, 2008

Refreshing Melon

Today's summer is very hot so we are looking for something that will refresh our body. Mostly sidewalk vendors sold fruit shake. Well why not trying something in your house and making this watermelon punch or "Subak wachae" Korean people called it. It's simple and very refreshing.
Ingredients are:
1 watermelon 1 tablespoon pine peanuts,
1 bottle cider 1 cup sugar
1/2 cup brandy 1 cup water

How to prepare:
1. Cut the upper part of the watermelon in a sawtooth-design. Scoop out watermelon balls with a melon baller.
2. Boil 1 cup water with 1 cup sugar to make the syrup.
3. Soak the watermelon balls in the syrup. Wrap the remaining watermelon in a cloth and squeeze out the juice.
4. Place the watermelon balls, syrup, cider, brandy and #3 watermelon juice in the watermelon shell and float ice pieces on top.
5. Serve the watermelon punch sprinkled with pine nuts in a bowl.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Fabulous Wedding Dress

Wedding picture at Philippines

Wedding picture at Korea

After wearing wedding gown here's the Korean traditional wedding gown

When I was a teenager, I said to myself to get married at the age of 25 but it never happened. I always dreamed to have a simple but nice wedding and well I think it happened. I had two wedding ceremony, I was first married at Philippines with my Korean husband and when we got here in Korea after 2 years we got married again, well that's their tradition because the wedding ceremony in the Philippines and here is not the same. I was so happy of wearing wedding gown twice in my life. Korean traditional gown made from the Korean's famous gown, it's the dress of their king and queen at the past and they used it every time when there's a special occasion such as wedding. Well, I was very proud to wear the queen’s gown.

Pinoy Channel TV

One of my amusement is watching Philippine shows, well by this I'm updated on what's the shows and news at Philippines. I really love to watched it and I enjoyed it. I always watched teleseryes like dyesebel and lobo. Well if you want it too then try to visit this website: www.pinoychannel.tv

Friday, July 11, 2008

Hot Summer

Last winter, I was waiting for summer to come because I was excited to buy some baby's summer dress but now here comes the summer and I hate it. Since, the heat of the sun seems to toast and burn my skin. I need to bring "yangsan" which means umbrella for sunny days and for rainy days Korean people called it "usan". Even though my baby is so heavy but I've rather suffer to carry her than she will suffer the heat of the sun. A bucket my sweat comes out so thus my baby. The heat of the sun always bring me headache. It's really hot because the wind it blows is warm and that’s why I have to take shower twice or more then it feels so nice to stay at the bath tab full of cold water. The hotness of the sun made me lazy come outside. I'd rather choose to have winter season because if we wear thick jackets, it feels warm and can barely feel the coldness but in summer times even though you bring umbrella or wearing sleeveless but the heat of the sun still there.