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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Saturday’s Dinner Is My Favorite

Every Saturday my husband and I had an agreement that were going to have Samgyupsal for our dinner. Samgyupsal is really my favorite, it’s interesting and I enjoyed it. Samgyupsal is very common menu here in Korea, you can see it every restaurant. Samgyupsal is grilling of pork at the table it’s very interesting and very delicious. We grilled pork in the table and I prepared green onion leaves sliced in small pieces mixed with sugar, vinegar and red pepper powder, we also buy vegetable leaves and green big size pepper which is not hot. If the pork already done I put in my hand a leaves then the pickled radish then the well cooked pork, the seasoned green onion leaves and ready to swallow. It’s so yummy. My husband likes to eat with garlic and green pepper I also tried to eat green pepper and it taste good because it’s not really hot. That’s why I always wait Saturday night to come, I really love samgyupsal. Sometimes my friends and I went to a restaurant to eat samgyupsal of course using chopstick.
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