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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Korean's Market

Last night I told my husband that I and my baby will going to Gupo Sijang or market of Gupo here in Korea. Then this afternoon even though the heat of the sun is hot but we still went there to buy things. It's a little bit far from our house so we need to ride on subway and my baby was riding her stroller. I miss to go there because we always went there that time that we lived there but now it's far. Then I saw lots of stuffs, dry goods, vegetables and meats. I bought some dress because it's really cheap, I also buy sweat potato leaves for me to have salad for dinner, I bought sandal and facial wash. I really love to stay there to look around, my baby was sleeping when we went there. I saw also live seafoods, fishes, lots of vegetables, lots of garlic, I think it's really complete. Mostly people went there to buy what they need at home. I had some pictures taken we went there.

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