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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Job Offering

When I first went to Catholic Church here in Korea I saw a Korean men, he offers me if I could apply to their school to teach English. He told me that he was one of the officers in their school and they're looking for a Filipino who could teach English to their students. Then we talked and he said that they doesn't choose whether 2 years course graduate, it's ok for them as long as I can speak English well and I could teach their students well. I think about it and its really nice opportunity. When I went home I told my husband about it and I asked him if I could get a job but he refused because I had my baby and no one would take care of her. Then I called my mother at Philippines to come here and take care of my baby but my mother refused too because she can't leave my 2 sisters there which were students at elementary. Well it's really regrettable but I had no choice, well that time will come I could teach here soon when my baby will also go to school.
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