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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Korean Style: Birthday Party

Today we attended a birthday party. My sister in law called me in the phone to went at her sister's house early because her mother want to see my baby so we hurriedly went there and I felt anger again with my sister in law because she told me that I should change my sandal because its not good then I told her no it's nice why should I change it, it's hot outside and I'm wearing pants then I saw her dress she only wore shorts, I just laugh because it isn't suits for attending party. When we went outside then she saw me wearing my sandal she told that it's nice, she's very insane. Then we went to the venue of the party it's very nice decorations and delicious Korean food, it's buffet style. It's 1st birthday of my sister in law's baby. we took pictures and had program. Here's some of my shots:

The Decorations

Me and the birthday celebrant

My baby

The parents of the celebrant
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