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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Summer Outing at Haeundae Beach

Last Wednesday my sister and her family came over here to spend their vacation. We decided to go to the beach at Haeundae which is the famous beach here in Pusan. There is lots of Korean and foreigners were there to spend swimming. It was really fun to watch people enjoying swimming and playing the waves. Most people are wearing swim suits and swimming trunks. I really wanted to swim but my baby doesn't like to swim because the water was so cold. My baby loves to play the sand; her body was buried in the sand. It was very hot yet we enjoyed it. The beach was crowded of big umbrellas for the people shades. We played and danced there and my baby danced too and people around us were just laughing while watching at her. Then, we went to the shower room to wash the sand from our body. Then, my baby got sleepy; she went slept while waiting and falling in line because lots of people were there to took shower too. Then inside was just a very small space, girls and boys were separated. And when we got inside my baby cried, she woke up because the noise. We hurriedly took our shower because there was a time limit and it was good for only 5 minutes and it wasn’t enough because I had my baby. Here are some photo shots:

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