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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Miracle Happened in Our House

Today is the last day of us going to school because we will having our vacation starting tomorrow until August 31, that's why I didn't went home early. I and my friends took pictures and we went to city hall plaza just to kill and enjoy our time. We planned to go to "noraebang" or videoke shop but then our babies got tired and sleepy that's why we decided to went home. When I got home my sister-in-law was there and I was shocked of what I saw, it's a miracle that my sister-in-law cleaned her room and pleated our washed dress. I felt good now that she already did it because last time I was really angry because she didn't help me at home even cleaning her room. Maybe her mother told her to do so because I told my Korean friend about my problems at home and he explain it to my mother-in-law. My Korean friend was shocked when I told him about the laziness of my sister-in-law and he told me that even though I am younger than my sister-in-law she must respect me because my husband is older than her, that's the Korean tradition. I hope that it's not only today.
My baby with her friend

So hot outside

My solo Pose
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