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Sunday, July 6, 2008

So Tired

Today I and my baby went to church to attend the mass. Even though she's so heavy but I brought her. Lot's of people there loves to play with her and because she's chubby and wore a nice dress. The church had also a party because it's 15th anniversary here in Korea of having an English mass at Catholic Church. Lots of Philippine foods after the mass but it's not free, you have to pay in order to eat. They had ginataan, menudo, biko, bihon/pancit, adobo, binignit and lot more. Well even though it's not free but I bought biko and binignit because it's affordable and I and my baby ate it. Then we went to a store to buy my baby's t-shirts and I'm really tired because I carry my baby. It's so difficult to let my baby walk because there are a lot of people there and my baby walks slowly maybe we could go home late. Then we went home and washed the dress that I bought and now I had to sleep because it's very late here, we have a class tomorrow early in the morning so I had to finish this and goodnight, God bless and have a blessed Sunday to all.
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