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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

My New PC Monitor

I felt bad every time my husband and his sister bought a new computer they always gave me the older one. Last time when I came here we had only one computer then they plan to buy new computer then they gave me the older computer. Then the next time they bought new model of computer it's monitor could be used as television or pc monitor or it could also be half both television and pc monitor and as usual my sister in law got it and putted in her room. Well I had nothing to do with it. And now my husband's brother got my computer and replaced with that new model one, I'm so happy because my sister in law now got the very old one. When I want to chat I made it half and television for my baby because she loves to watched cartoon movies and I don't need to go at the sala to watched television, now I was lying on my bed with my baby watching our favorite shows. My sister in law always got the newer but ends with oldest computer, good for her but anyways she had her laptop but she's very selfish.
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