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Thursday, July 3, 2008

So Upset

Today I really felt bad; I’m not in good mood. I asked my husband if when he will going to buy my baby’s bike then I heard him murmuring and I told him not to buy it because I’m really angry of hearing his murmur. Every time I asked him he just only said to asked his sister and I asked his sister and just only said to me that we don’t have money even my husband receive his salary last day . I’m so angry of my husband because he is older than his sister but she depends on his sister’s decision and that bullshit. He earned his own money why he had to gave his salary to her sister and manage it, sometimes I think what’s my rule here and its really bad. My computer had virus too and it’s not yet repair. His stupid sister is older than me but acted like a child, she doesn’t even help me here at home, she’s with us but she doesn’t feel ashamed she’s like a princess doing nothing even cleaning her room she didn’t do it. She’s very lazy she already had a boyfriend but she’s ………OMG... I hope so she will be pregnant and go away... I also called my mom in Philippines to stop sending them money and she talks a lot. They said they had many problems so I told them I also had problems here so they don’t have to depend on us because I had my family too and I don’t have a job to support them I don’t even have my own money here better for them to received money monthly from us. That’s really bad they just think that if we were in foreign country in their mind we had lots of money but they don’t know it’s so hard to find money they just spend the money. They always said they had lots of problems but they doesn’t even ask if we had problems here because all they know we’re in good, we had lots of money we don’t have problems but they’re wrong, we saved money in order to help them but they just wasting money not using it wisely and that really bad…well I think I will end here before I got high blood lots of problems I hope we just can manage and face all trials even though its hard…Goodnight all.
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