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Monday, July 21, 2008

Mango Fruit

Do you miss to eat mango fruit? Well so do I, I miss to eat especially the young mango fruit hmm……. taste sour and it made my mouth watering. I remember when I was in the Philippines I and my sisters and brothers used to climbed mango tree to harvest and we love to ate ripe mangoes on top of the mango tree. They are quite juicy and can be messy to eat. The ripe mangoes taste sweet and it's very delicious especially if it's naturally riped on mango tree.

Last day I went to E-Mart to looked for unripe mango because when we went shopping every Saturday we couldn't found unripe mango, the displayed mangoes are all riped. So I tried to went last day and thanks God I found 1 box with 3 pieces of unripe mango and I hurriedly went home to eat it. I washed it and peeled the skin and sliced it. I got my sauteed shrimp paste(ginisang bagoong) and anchovy sauce(bagoong balayan). In the Philippine when we eat mango, we ate it with soy sauce mixed with sugar, salt, ginamos or salted small fish. I also bought ripe mangos for me to make mango shake and eat after my meal with my baby.

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