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Friday, July 11, 2008

Hot Summer

Last winter, I was waiting for summer to come because I was excited to buy some baby's summer dress but now here comes the summer and I hate it. Since, the heat of the sun seems to toast and burn my skin. I need to bring "yangsan" which means umbrella for sunny days and for rainy days Korean people called it "usan". Even though my baby is so heavy but I've rather suffer to carry her than she will suffer the heat of the sun. A bucket my sweat comes out so thus my baby. The heat of the sun always bring me headache. It's really hot because the wind it blows is warm and that’s why I have to take shower twice or more then it feels so nice to stay at the bath tab full of cold water. The hotness of the sun made me lazy come outside. I'd rather choose to have winter season because if we wear thick jackets, it feels warm and can barely feel the coldness but in summer times even though you bring umbrella or wearing sleeveless but the heat of the sun still there.
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