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Friday, July 25, 2008

Catholic Against Birth Control Law

Are you in favor of birth control law?
When I watched the Philippines news through internet this news about having birth control program in the Philippines got my attention. The Catholic Bishops were against of having this birth control program because they said it's considered as abortion which is a big sin. This birth control program is an artificial birth control methods in family planning which provides free ligation, vasectomy and contraceptives like pills and condoms to the family who wants birth control especially for those big families. The catholic church banned not giving a communion to those people who supported this program. We all know that the Philippines today was facing food shortage, high price of products and lots of family suffering poverty. The catholic will having a prayer rally as a protest action vs birth control law. In my opinion, I think it's not a kind of abortion, I think this program could help to those family to have family planning instead of having lots of children that they can't afford to give their needs because of having unstable job or low salary. This program is a solution of over population in our country. As we saw lots of street children victims of abandoning by unprepared parents. Mostly parents having lots of children can't afford to send them to school because their income exacts only on their daily consumption or sometimes it's not enough so their kids force to work at young age in order to survive. I think it's a big sin if you had kids but you abandoned them because you can't afford to raise them. To all of us let's not just think the short happiness and contented of little income, we should work hard, save money and always look for the future of our family especially our kids. Let's open our mind and look what happened in our surroundings.

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