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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Camera Action "Gotcha"

Last Saturday we bought green apples and grapes. When we came home, my baby never stops opening the fridge just to get grapes because she loves to eat them. Because of it I decided to put the grapes and apples outside the fridge in order to stop my baby from opening and closing the refrigerator. Then she still didn't stop on getting those grapes until there's no more left. She really loves the taste especially the violet one. Well, I couldn’t blame my baby because it really tasted good and I love it too. That's why my baby is very healthy because she loves to eat fruits. Well it's better for a baby who loves to eat than those babies who were hard to feed.

Got Paid from PPP

Yesterday when I checked my email I was so happy that PPP send me an email informing that my post had been approved for payment. I got my first payment from PPP which equivalent to 20,000 won in Korean money. I am very thankful to PPP for giving me this opportunity in blogging. I am looking forward to have some opportunity to offer here in Korea and to blog for additional earnings. Thanks for your kindness PPP, you're the best!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Sushi Rolls Recipe: Home-Made "Kimpap"

Have you heard about "kimpap?" Kimpap is a rolled sheets of laver with rice and fillings inside. Making kimpap is very easy if you know the names of the ingredients. I usually make kimpap only on Sundays by my husband’s special request. Every time I have to make kimpap, I need to make some because his sister loves it, too. I really enjoy making kimpap and I love to eat them. Kimpap is a Korean dish rolls which is very good for picnic and snacks or food eaten by hands or using chopsticks.

My ingredients are cooked rice(sushi rice), carrot(sliced), burdock, pickled radish, ham, imitation crab, and eggs(boiled). First thing, you have to prepare all the ingredients, cut the carrots into thin strips and steam it in a boiling water with little salt and wait until gets tender then drain and wash it with cold water. Then fry the ham and imitation crab in an oiled fry fan with a low heat. Beat eggs with minced carrot and seasoned with salt and fry it in a pan.

Then prepare the cooked rice seasoned with salt, sesame seeds and chang keram. Get 1 piece of laver sheet and fill it with rice then you can now put those ingredients like carrots, egg, burdock, pickled radish, ham and imitation crab. Then rolled it tightly and slice it. Suggestion: You have to use cellophane or plastic gloves in making this so the rice won't stick in your hands and for sanitary purposes also.

Making kimpap with ingredients

Filling rice and ingredients in a laver sheet

Rolling it

The finish product and ready to slice

Today is My Special Day

Today I am celebrating my special day, my birthday. Well, we can’t stop our age and it changes faster but it feels like I am only sweet sixteen.

To celebrate my day, I already made macaroni salad and mango float. This morning I woke up early to make kimpap since my husband loves it and also her sister that's why I made lots of it. At lunch time my close friends came over and we had little celebration but in behalf of that happiness deep inside there's also sadness because my aunt's husband passed away this day. My birthday is very memorable because 2 persons which were close to my heart had passed away. Despite of loneliness, the celebration was successful.

We only made pork adobo and those desserts and one of my friends brought a cake for me. I just wish to have long and wonderful life fulfills my goals and become a good wife and mother. May the Almighty God Bless me with quiet moments when I'm feeling overwhelmed, peaceful feelings when I'm rushing through a day, simple wisdom when I'm facing difficult choices, restful hours when my days are long and the soothing comfort of those who care. Happy Birthday to ME!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Fried Rice with Kimchi or "Kimchi Pokumpap"

Every time I got lazy to cook food, we just made order from restaurant and I usually ordered pokumpap or fried rice. I tried cooking pokumpap in my own with my recipe. I used to cooked pokumpap sometimes on Sundays if I loved to. Cooking kimchi pokumpap is very easy. My ingredients are pork, garlic, onion, carrot, potato, kimchi, fried egg and of course the cooked rice. I chopped it in very small pieces and putted the garlic and onion in an oiled pan then pork, next is kimchi and let kimchi produce it's juice and odor then add the carrot and potato and after 2 minutes add the rice and chopped fried egg. Mix it very well with low heat and after 2 minutes it's all done. It's spicy yet delicious and nutritious and it's all in one dish. If you had kids you can make this without kimchi so that your kids could also eat because it's a little bit spicy. You can also add shrimps if you like.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Cabbage Kimchi Recipe

Kimchi could be considered as national dish of Korea. It is pickled or fermented cabbage. There are different ways of preparing it and it served with most meals. Kimchi keeps for weeks in the refrigerator and still tastes fresh. The garlic and vinegar and ginger serves as natural preservatives that keeps it taste great. Kimchi is a healthy food and it helps to eliminate cholesterol and promotes intestinal health.

1 lb. sized head
Chinese cabbage
2 tablespoons
sea salt
4 cups
cold water
1 tablespoon
fresh garlic, chopped
1 tablespoon
fresh ginger, finely chopped
1 tablespoon
green onion, finely chopped
2 teaspoons
dried chili pepper flakes
2 teaspoons
1 tablespoon
sea salt

Separate and wash the cabbage leaves.
2. Sprinkle them with the 2 tbsp of salt.
3. lace them in a non corrosive dish (Pyrex) and pour in the 4 cups coldwater, cover with plastic wrap and place in fridge over night.
The water should cover the leaves if not place a heavy object on them to keep them submerged.
5. After sitting overnight pour off the water and rinse the leaves well, shake out excess moisture.
Mix the garlic, ginger, green onion, chili flakes, sugar &1 tbsp salt, stir together.
7. Pour 11/2 cups of very hot water over the mixed seasoning.
8. Place cabbage leaves in a large zip lock bag or in a bowl, pour in the seasoning, mix well so the seasoning is on every leaf.
Place in the fridge for two days. Flip the bag every time you open the fridge door.
10. To serve cut the leaves into 2" strips and serve as a side condiment.
11. To store pack the cabbage into a jar and store in the fridge it will keep for several days to a week or more.

Hint: You could also mix anchovy sauce to add it's taste.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Korean Seafoods Dishes

Since Korea is a peninsula, it should be no surprise that they had abundant harvest or different kinds of seafoods like shrimp, shellfish, squid, octopus and lot more. Koreans love to cook different recipe of sea foods. You could find live seafoods in their markets. I love to go and see their market displaying different kinds of live products from the sea. Here's some samples of Korean seafoods dishes:

Broiled Prawns

Steamed Ark Shell Clams

Steamed Abalones

Steamed Stuffed Clams

Steamed Stuffed Crabs

Steamed Conches

Monday, August 11, 2008

Live Television on PC at Philippine Shows

Good news guys especially Filipinos who lives in foreign countries and wants to see live tv using their computer. Yesterday one of my friend told me about this site, at first I didn't believe her telling me that there's a live site which you can see live show in Philippines TV because I taught it's like other site which you need to download the shows but I was wrong when I saw it I felt great to watch live favorite tv station in the Philippines. You can watch GMA and ABS CBN tv station it's like watching TFC but it's free you don't have to pay. What are you waiting for try this free website and enjoy watching live television on Philippines. Just click this site http://www.pinaychannel.com then click the word LIVE and choose the tv station you want to watch.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

All About Korean Food

Korean is a peninsula having mountains, plains, rivers, and seas, which produce great many variety of food. Korean's main staple is rice, with beans, millet, red beans and barley can be mixed. Soup dishes use different kinds of ingredients and they can be prepared in various ways. The taste of food can be altered through the types of spices people use. Their main spices that they usually use are garlic, green onion, hot pepper powder and ginger. These spices give a deep taste to Korean foods. They also use soybean sauce, soybean paste and red pepper paste. Koreans have developed and enjoyed storing foods like kimchi, various pickles, salted fish and meat marinated in soy sauce. In our house if I will be cooking our rice my husband always told me to put some beans on it but I don't love to eat those beans because I felt I'm not eating a rice that's why if I will going to cook a rice I didn't mix them I just put those beans above.
Here are some samples of Korean style of mixing beans in rice;

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Taegukki: Korean National Flag

The Korean flag called "Taegukki". It symbolizes much of the thought, philosophy and mysticism of the Orient. The three aspects of a nation are the land, the people and the government. These are symbolized on the taeguk: the white ground represents the land, the circle represents the people and the four bars represents the governments. Depicted on the flag is a circle divided equally and in perfect balance. This is an ancient symbol of the universe. These red and blue opposites express the dualism of the cosmos: fire and water, day and night, dark and light, construction and destruction, masculine and feminine, active and passive, heat and cold, plus and minus, and so on.
The central thought in the taeguk indicates that while there is a constant movement within the sphere on of infinity, there are also balance and harmony. Three bars at each corner also carry the ideas of opposition and balance. The three unbroken lines stand for heaven; the opposite three broken lines represent the earth. At the lower left hand corner of the flag with two lines and a broken line between symbolizes fire and the opposite is the symbol of water.

"Pulgogi" or Korean Beef Barbecue

If you want to try Korean dishes try this beef barbecue. Barbecued Beef in Korea style called "pulgogi". It's the most favored worldwide. It's easy to prepare.

Here's the recipe:
1. Slice the beef thinly and score lightly with knife to make it more tender. Cut it into bite-sizes pieces and marinate it in the sugar and rice wine.
2. Mix the marinated beef thoroughly with the soy sauce, chopped garlic, sesame salt, and sesame oil.
3. Broil the seasoned beef over hot charcoal on a grill or in a fry pan. Otherwise, you may use an oven-broiler heated to 570degree F for ten minutes.
Pulgogi is delicious served with lettuce leaves, sesame leaves, garland chrysanthemum and minced garlic.

"Kimchi" or Korean Pickle

Koreans are very well-known in making "kimchi". The popularity of kimchi is attributed to the unique blending and fermentation of vegetables, herbs, pickled fish, fresh sea food, and such spices as red pepper, garlic and ginger. Kimchi is rich in vitamins, proteins and other essential nutrients and Koreans used to rely on it as a source of nutrients when fresh vegetables were scare in winter.
Kimchi may be classified into two main types- seasonal kimchi and winter kimchi. There are many varieties of seasonal kimchi depending on the availability of certain vegetables. A large stock of winter kimchi is prepared in early winter and lasts throughout the winter until spring vegetables are available. There are different kinds of kimchi like whole cabbage kimchi, wrapped-up kimchi, white cabbage kimchi, radish kimchi, whole radish kimchi, radish water-kimchi, stuffed cucumber kimchi, hot radish kimchi and lot more.

Making Kimchi

Whole Kimchi Cabbage

White Cabbage Kimchi

Whole Radish Kimchi

Radish Water-Kimchi

Stuffed Cucumber Kimchi

Monday, August 4, 2008

Application for Korean Citizenship

Last Saturday we've been at Namhae and now we went to Masan, 1 hour ride by bus from Pusan to apply my Korean citizenship. I really hate traveling by bus because it made me dizzy. We got there at almost 12 noon and finished by 6PM. The process in application was so strict; it needs complete requirements and lots of papers to sign. I felt hungry but we can't leave it unfinished because our house is far from Masan Immigration Office that's why we had to be patient. Anyway I wasn't tired of doing that application because my sister-in-law did it and I just signed them but my baby there was not comfortable she enjoyed playing with Vietnam babies and later she cries and wanted to sleep.

Then there was a woman I think she was mother-in-law of Vietnam who also applied for Korean citizen, that Korean woman kept on murmuring because that Vietnam girl was so slow to fill up their application form and Vietnam doesn't know how to speak or understand English. The Korean woman kept on telling her husband that I came from Philippine and I'm good in Korean and English language, well I am very proud to be Filipino. But I know that Vietnam girl knows Korean Language better than me because mostly Filipino here in Korea were slow learner in terms of Korean language because we know how to speak English and if our husband speaks English even though it's wrong grammar but it helps to communicate so we used to speak English that's why Vietnam learns fast than us because they doesn't know how to speak English so they had to learn fast in Korean language in order to communicate their husband. Mostly Filipino were not focus in learning Korean language because others were came here to help their family in the Philippines so we're busy looking for a job to earn money.

Anyways, I was getting bored there waiting to finish those papers then at last at 6Pm all done so we hurriedly went to terminal and ate to the nearest restaurant. We have to wait for the result of my application for 13 to 15 months. Eventually, we got here at Pusan by almost 9Pm and I am very tired so I have to say bye for now, I am going to have my beauty rest. Goodnight!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Harvest Time: Red Peppers

When I came at Namhae I wonder why people there let those peppers to get rotten and didn't harvest them. Then this morning my mother-in-law told me that we are going to harvest their red peppers. I was very excited to go at the farm to harvest those red peppers. We had abundant harvest. They waited until those peppers were ripe then they can make red pepper powder from it. My mother-in-law washed our harvested red peppers and let them dried under the heat of the sun. When it dries up it will be ready to grind and the finished product will be the red pepper powder which they use to mix with their food especially in making Kimchi and red pepper paste. Red pepper powder will last forever. Korean foods were stored for winter, they have their own ways of saving foods so that those foods won't be perished and will last longer. Koreans love storing food, the longer the food was stored, the more it tastes good.

Red pepper plantation

Harvest time

Our Harvest

Drying red pepper

Summer Vacation to Korean Farm

Last Saturday we went to Namhae for vacation. Namhae is a province where my parents-in-law lives. It was a nice place nearby the sea and approximately 4 hours travel by bus from Pusan. They have a huge farm of rice and vegetables. I really love to see their farm filled with vegetables like beans, eggplants, sweet potatoes, peppers and more but I don't know their English name. We harvested eggplants and sweet potato young tender leaves to take home here in Pusan. There are also squash, corns, different kinds of strange fruits. I really love farming because I was raised as a farmer and I missed to do farming. When I was a kid I really hated to help my parents in the farm because I loved to play around instead and it was so hot at the farm but now I missed it. Farming is very hard work but it can excite especially when you saw your plants grow well and have lots to harvest.

Here are some photos from the farm:

Friday, August 1, 2008

New Toy for Baby

Today we decided to go to city hall to apply for Korean citizen but it was postponed. Then somebody knocked the door carrying our order through internet, it was my baby's diaper and bicycle. I was so happy to saw it. We opened it and my baby was very happy to saw her new toy and she enjoyed riding it. She loves to ride it while watching TV. Before she always bugs me when I am using the computer but now she’s behave and having fun riding her new bicycle.