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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Summer Vacation to Korean Farm

Last Saturday we went to Namhae for vacation. Namhae is a province where my parents-in-law lives. It was a nice place nearby the sea and approximately 4 hours travel by bus from Pusan. They have a huge farm of rice and vegetables. I really love to see their farm filled with vegetables like beans, eggplants, sweet potatoes, peppers and more but I don't know their English name. We harvested eggplants and sweet potato young tender leaves to take home here in Pusan. There are also squash, corns, different kinds of strange fruits. I really love farming because I was raised as a farmer and I missed to do farming. When I was a kid I really hated to help my parents in the farm because I loved to play around instead and it was so hot at the farm but now I missed it. Farming is very hard work but it can excite especially when you saw your plants grow well and have lots to harvest.

Here are some photos from the farm:

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