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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Sushi Rolls Recipe: Home-Made "Kimpap"

Have you heard about "kimpap?" Kimpap is a rolled sheets of laver with rice and fillings inside. Making kimpap is very easy if you know the names of the ingredients. I usually make kimpap only on Sundays by my husband’s special request. Every time I have to make kimpap, I need to make some because his sister loves it, too. I really enjoy making kimpap and I love to eat them. Kimpap is a Korean dish rolls which is very good for picnic and snacks or food eaten by hands or using chopsticks.

My ingredients are cooked rice(sushi rice), carrot(sliced), burdock, pickled radish, ham, imitation crab, and eggs(boiled). First thing, you have to prepare all the ingredients, cut the carrots into thin strips and steam it in a boiling water with little salt and wait until gets tender then drain and wash it with cold water. Then fry the ham and imitation crab in an oiled fry fan with a low heat. Beat eggs with minced carrot and seasoned with salt and fry it in a pan.

Then prepare the cooked rice seasoned with salt, sesame seeds and chang keram. Get 1 piece of laver sheet and fill it with rice then you can now put those ingredients like carrots, egg, burdock, pickled radish, ham and imitation crab. Then rolled it tightly and slice it. Suggestion: You have to use cellophane or plastic gloves in making this so the rice won't stick in your hands and for sanitary purposes also.

Making kimpap with ingredients

Filling rice and ingredients in a laver sheet

Rolling it

The finish product and ready to slice
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