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Sunday, August 10, 2008

All About Korean Food

Korean is a peninsula having mountains, plains, rivers, and seas, which produce great many variety of food. Korean's main staple is rice, with beans, millet, red beans and barley can be mixed. Soup dishes use different kinds of ingredients and they can be prepared in various ways. The taste of food can be altered through the types of spices people use. Their main spices that they usually use are garlic, green onion, hot pepper powder and ginger. These spices give a deep taste to Korean foods. They also use soybean sauce, soybean paste and red pepper paste. Koreans have developed and enjoyed storing foods like kimchi, various pickles, salted fish and meat marinated in soy sauce. In our house if I will be cooking our rice my husband always told me to put some beans on it but I don't love to eat those beans because I felt I'm not eating a rice that's why if I will going to cook a rice I didn't mix them I just put those beans above.
Here are some samples of Korean style of mixing beans in rice;

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