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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Today is My Special Day

Today I am celebrating my special day, my birthday. Well, we can’t stop our age and it changes faster but it feels like I am only sweet sixteen.

To celebrate my day, I already made macaroni salad and mango float. This morning I woke up early to make kimpap since my husband loves it and also her sister that's why I made lots of it. At lunch time my close friends came over and we had little celebration but in behalf of that happiness deep inside there's also sadness because my aunt's husband passed away this day. My birthday is very memorable because 2 persons which were close to my heart had passed away. Despite of loneliness, the celebration was successful.

We only made pork adobo and those desserts and one of my friends brought a cake for me. I just wish to have long and wonderful life fulfills my goals and become a good wife and mother. May the Almighty God Bless me with quiet moments when I'm feeling overwhelmed, peaceful feelings when I'm rushing through a day, simple wisdom when I'm facing difficult choices, restful hours when my days are long and the soothing comfort of those who care. Happy Birthday to ME!

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