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Monday, August 4, 2008

Application for Korean Citizenship

Last Saturday we've been at Namhae and now we went to Masan, 1 hour ride by bus from Pusan to apply my Korean citizenship. I really hate traveling by bus because it made me dizzy. We got there at almost 12 noon and finished by 6PM. The process in application was so strict; it needs complete requirements and lots of papers to sign. I felt hungry but we can't leave it unfinished because our house is far from Masan Immigration Office that's why we had to be patient. Anyway I wasn't tired of doing that application because my sister-in-law did it and I just signed them but my baby there was not comfortable she enjoyed playing with Vietnam babies and later she cries and wanted to sleep.

Then there was a woman I think she was mother-in-law of Vietnam who also applied for Korean citizen, that Korean woman kept on murmuring because that Vietnam girl was so slow to fill up their application form and Vietnam doesn't know how to speak or understand English. The Korean woman kept on telling her husband that I came from Philippine and I'm good in Korean and English language, well I am very proud to be Filipino. But I know that Vietnam girl knows Korean Language better than me because mostly Filipino here in Korea were slow learner in terms of Korean language because we know how to speak English and if our husband speaks English even though it's wrong grammar but it helps to communicate so we used to speak English that's why Vietnam learns fast than us because they doesn't know how to speak English so they had to learn fast in Korean language in order to communicate their husband. Mostly Filipino were not focus in learning Korean language because others were came here to help their family in the Philippines so we're busy looking for a job to earn money.

Anyways, I was getting bored there waiting to finish those papers then at last at 6Pm all done so we hurriedly went to terminal and ate to the nearest restaurant. We have to wait for the result of my application for 13 to 15 months. Eventually, we got here at Pusan by almost 9Pm and I am very tired so I have to say bye for now, I am going to have my beauty rest. Goodnight!
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