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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Advantages of Credit Cards with Rewards vs. Regular Debit Cards

Christmas shopping is kicking in every corner folks. I have learned my lessons recently by letting my money slipped through without getting rewards on my spending. It was like throwing my money out the door and never get to see it again. Well, I did some researches, comparison and smart thinking- that if you spend and get rewards back it means you are gaining something back. That would be, cash back or points and boosting up your credit score. Let's talk about these so-called rewards, Cash back is the money that you are going to earn after spending. Who does not want Cash back nowadays? Why credit score is very important? Well, it's the sad truth but most big purchases such as homes, cars etc., requires to run your credit history. And now you are jumping into a conclusion that getting credit card is bad? I would say, Yes and No! It's a matter of your self discipline and strategic spending. I tried to spend the money that I have. Whenever I swipe my credit card, I paid it off right away! I neither let its interest grow nor wait until the due date. Therefor, swipe and earn - it's easy way of spending and saving after all.
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