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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Personal Review for Pebble Smart Watch

I bought two of these Pebble Smart Watches from Amazon.com as a last minute Christmas present; one for myself and for my boyfriend. I was very excited to use it for the first time with my IOS phone. I got to used it for couple minutes and suddenly it appears to be "PITA". The bluetooth connection is not stable and it keeps kicking me out from the watch. I tried to reconnect it but it is almost impossible. Plus, there are downsides that I didn't realize like, it is not that smart phone to answer a call since there is no speaker or mic attach to it, and you have to buy those apps in order to get email notifications from your phone to your watch. Therefore I decided to send my item back to the seller without a second thoughts and now I am just waiting for my BF to get here and try his surprise and see if my boyfriend's watch would work for his android phone. I paid 119(on sale) for each and it was a total loss.
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