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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Slingbox: Cutting off Cable Bills.

For those who are not familiar of slingbox then time to learn more about it. Slingbox lets you connect, access and watch your TV/DVR remotely through internet. For instance, if you have multiple locations and cutting off or eliminating your cable bills is your goal then getting slingbox could benefit you a lot! I have a friend who just purchased one and got it connected directly to the DVR and created and linked an account that transmits signal from it remotely. Just simply have a laptop handy with an HDMI cable to hook it up on your TV and transfer a live cable show to a widescreen. Switching channels is very convenient by using the e-remote. You can definitely enjoy your favorite show no matter where you are. It does saves money every month especially if you are a constant traveler.

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