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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Studying Korean Cuisine

Today we had our first study on Korean cuisine. I woke up early this morning for preparation. I and my baby went at the city hall to meet my co-students and teacher to accompany us in our cooking place. I was so tired carrying my baby and walking long distance. When we got the place it was small, crowded and sultry place. We observed first the demo of Korean woman on how to prepare the food. I'm not satisfied the way she had the demo because it was not well organize and she prepares 4 recipes and it was very hard for me to take note those what she did because she mixed the other ingredients in other recipe and we were confused on it. I can't concentrate the demo because my baby cried, she's not feeling okay on that place. We cooked together with another students from different school and with Korean woman helping us. It was hard and we can't learn it because we're in group I just want to cook on my own alone so that I will know how to cook the dishes. Then after we cooked, we ate together. Our teacher called us to had our meeting and she told us that we won't coming back next Tuesday, maybe she saw the hardship especially for a mommy like me who brought our children because there's no one who watch for our babies and we had to carry our baby while we cook and it was really tiring situation. When I got home I ate with my baby because we were very hungry and we sleep together.

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