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Monday, September 15, 2008

Chuseok Day

Last Thursday I and my baby went to Namhae at my parents-in-law's house to help my mother-in-law preparing foods for chuseok. I borrowed my friend's mp3 player so that I won't be getting bored there.We stopped-by at the terminal to eat because we were very hungry, we ate kimpap and my mother-in-law ordered 3 kimpap to take out but we forgot to bring the kimpap, we left it at the restaurant.

Well I really enjoyed my stay there because it was a nice place and I felt relaxed. I took a walked to see those plants of my mother-in-law's farm. I saw another different kinds of plants like sesame plant and lot more plants but I don't know their English name. I helped my mother-in-law cooked different dishes. My mother-in-law give me money as a gift and I'm really happy of it for additional savings. We also went for fishing and I really enjoyed it. When we got there I was the first who caught fish and they were so amazed. I caught lots of fish and we made raw fish sashimi. I really had a nice vacation and we went here in Pusan at 3am. When I got home I was so angry because my sister-in-law didn't throw our garbage and she didn't clean our house. I felt really bad because she didn't went to Namhae to help us and she stays at home doing nothing.

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