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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Spending Great Vacation at the Philippines

Last December 25 we went to Philippines having our vacation. It was very hard to travel with lots of baggage and carrying my baby with me. When we arrived at Davao we stopped-by at the hotel and we also went to the hotel where I worked before having SPA whole body massage so that our body will be relax. Even though the weather in the Philippines was not that good but I really enjoy being there spending my new year with my family. We also went to beach. I ate those fruits and foods that I really miss. Because of the bad weather I had a cough and loses my voice, it's really bad but it doesn't matter. We also went to the calvary taking pictures, had our videoke song with my family. We went to the river and my baby enjoyed swimming and throwing the stones. We had lots of fun and it's very unforgettable moment.

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