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Sunday, July 12, 2015

How to Fix your Smart Phone - iPhone, iPhone 5,S, &C (Android and iPhone) with water damaged?

There are two ways of fixing your phone that accidentally drowned or soaked in the water.
I highly recommend, "DO NOT ATTEMPT TO TURN ON OR PLUG IN YOUR PHONE" else the water can short circuit and will forever damage your phone.

First, A MINUTE WAY is using vacuum cleaner.

If there's an easy way to take your battery out then do it. Else you will need a magnetic Phillips micro screwdriver to take off your battery. Get your vacuum cleaner and start vacuuming into the holes where the water possibly went through. Use both hands to make sure all the air is going inside the phone to suck the water out. If you think the water has evaporated then time to test it, ON.

Second, Fixing it for less than an hour Operation.

Once again, start by taking out your battery. Get 70% rubbing alcohol ready to use for soaking the motherboard later. Start taking off all the screws to give you easy access to your phone's motherboard. Once it's all done then soak your motherboard into a flat bowl filled with 70% rubbing alcohol and air dry. Make sure it is completely dry. Then you can put it back together and TEST!

Good Luck!!!

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