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Monday, February 3, 2014

World Wide Translation Services

At my work, we are trying to keep confidential matters like 'What Happen in Vegas, Stays in Vegas' type of policy. Oh, not to mention that I have the easiest job on Earth but for the most part, it is boring! We print personal/business photo books, calendars, canvases, etc. I mostly do quality check almost every single day for our clients around the world.  One day I happened to open a photo book with a very familiar face with an unrecognizable language on its captions. I was challenged with what those words are for?! Out of curiosity, or should I say 'I'm just a nosy person, so I searched online and gladly I found translation services then I was able to understand those strange written words. I found out that was the guy that I once met on an online dating site finally found his match during his travel adventures. He made a narrative photo book of him and his girlfriend with their love stories and their sweet moments together by using his girlfriend's language.

So I finally texted and congratulated him for finding his perfect match after all the traveling and searched that he did. And now he is still confused how did I learn about his top-secret words.
What a small world! Thanks to my instant translator that provides a full range of translation services to companies worldwide.

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