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Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Importance of Vitamin D: Why is it important?

When do we need Vitamin D/D3? The answer is ALWAYS and every day. Vitamin D brings significant role that gives a huge impact on our health. Vitamin D helps reduce the cellular growth (potential cancer) and improves those cells differentiation by putting them into anti-cancer state.  Besides it prevent us from getting cancer it also control so many functions like reducing inflammation, boosting mood, easing muscles ache and a prevention of osteoporosis. According to the additional information that I gathered from huffpost.com, the recent research by Vitamin D pioneer Dr. Michael Holick, Professor of Medicine, Physiology, and Dermatology at Boston University School of Medicine, recommends intakes of up to 2,000IU a day.

 It has brought to my attention to share you this piece of very important information through this blog.  And before I read the above article, I was already taking Vitamin D (3) supplements. It is not because I was prescribed to take it but based on how my body reacts when I have Vitamin D (3) supplements daily. I was doing an experiment months ago, I stopped taking Vitamin D for weeks and my observation was, my nails will easily get cracked and aren't as strong as it was. I had to keep my nails away from things that can potentially damage it. I sure was having hard times on zipping and unzipping my clothes. So as soon as I figured, that I cannot always protect my nails from getting cracked, I decided to get back to taking Vitamin D supplements in addition to the amount that I am already getting from my daily multivitamins. This winter, I have been doubling the amount of Vitamin D intake especially when there's no sun. Therefor, I encourage every one to learn more about Vitamin D supplements. 

Source: Article:http://huff.to/bVz9RS
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