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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Learning Tagalog Language

It is amazing that some people are just willing to adopt and learn Tagalog. And to those who are willing to learn my native language, "I salute You"! Personally, it makes me feel at ease or should I say, I feel like I can easily fit in the crowd of strangers when someone says even a single word "Kumusta?". Usually the shocking facial reaction is what you will get as an answer. I knew that Google translate can help as well but the accuracy is not always perfect. So, I encouraged you to leave me a word to translate here. Then again learning Tagalog is not as easy as you think but I can teach you a little bit and we can start with the basic.

Tagalog/Filipino      to   English
'Kumusta' = is simply saying 'Hi'
'Kumusta ka?'       = 'How are you?'
'Magandang Umaga' = 'Good Morning'
'Magandang Gabi' = ' Good Evening or Good Night'
'Paalam' = 'Good bye'

If you are trying to introduce yourself to someone, you have to say;
                your name
Ako ay si   (Juan)    or Ako po ay si (Juan)
or Ang pangalan ko ay si (Juan)                             is equivalent to  = My name is (John)

Asking questions or informations to a Tagalog speaker:

'Saan ka nakatira?' = 'Where do you live?'
'Ilang taon ka na?' = 'How old are you?'
'Ano ang ginagawa mo?'= 'What are you doing?'

Showing interest to learn Tagalog,
'Gusto kong matutong magTagalog' = 'I want to learn Tagalog words'

'Mabuhay!' = 'Longlive!' and Happy learning everyone!
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