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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Win $10K Scholarship with Comfortsforbaby.com

Breast feeding is highly recommended for babies from birth up to two years. Since breast milk has the best nutrition for babies, and I myself consider as a pro-breastfeeding mommy, and I strongly believe that all mothers should try their best to breastfeed their babies. However, there are some mommies that can’t produce milk due to different circumstances. In that case, formula will be the best substitute. It can be wholly replacement as supplement foods for baby.
On the other hand, not all formulas content the best nutrition for you baby. Of course, there are standards that must be met as defined by the FDA. There are some different formula companies that meet the standard but not quite mine. The Comforts for Baby is one of the best high standard formula companies. This is the generic name of formula product that is carried by many grocery stores, including Kroger, Fred Meyer, Baker’s and Owen’s.

As mandatory by FDA, Comforts Baby formula is fortified with the following nutrients: iron, vitamins, nutrients and minerals. Lipids DHA and ARA, which are essential for a baby’s visual, mental and developmental progress, are also present in the formula, besides with lactose and other nutrients that are naturally found in a woman’s breast milk.
Precisely now Comforts for baby is hosting a contest where concerned mommies can submit their favorite names for a little mascot firefly (I would name that precious bug as Precy!). And whoever wins the contest will automatically win a $10,000 scholarship for their baby’s future education! Be the lucky one and go to www.comfortsforbaby.com to join the contest, promo ends July 31, 2009!

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