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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Today's Event

Today will be our day on stage, I'm little bit excited because once again I will going to show to other people my talent on dancing. I miss a lot during my high school and college life when we always present on stage different dances, and now I will once again present on stage here in Korea to show them folk dance pride from Philippines. But in the other hand, I'm quite worried about our 2 new friend because they only join us lately and had only 1 day practice. This morning I will going to send my baby at my sister in law's house because I can't dance if my baby is with me, she will only cry there calling me on stage to get her to carry with me. My friends also will going to bring their kids but my baby is different from them because she doesn't want other person to carry or to looked for her. She's very a mama's girl.
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