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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My Broken Favorite Cup

After our dinner today, I got mad at my husband because I was very busy washing those dishes and he saw my baby holding fried chicken and he said that I must get that chicken from my baby. I was very angry because he was the one near at my baby but he really called me to get it, he just only watched television. I shouted him and really show that I was very angry because he just didn't do it by himself he always called me every time I'm busy. Then I took milk and bring in my room because I'm not in good mood. My baby hold the empty cup and threw, the handle of the cup broke. I was shock because that cup was my favorite one. I bought it in the Philippines as my remembrance when I was working at the hotel. It was very important to me, my one and only cup which had a sentimental value. I felt sorry about my cup but in the other hand I really felt sorry of my baby because I scolded her and she cries loud. What a very unlucky day. Maybe I will buy another one when I will be at the Philippines taking my vacation.

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