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Friday, November 14, 2008

My Baby Really Loves Computer

I may say that my baby is a computer addict because when I was pregnant I'm always infront of the computer. And because she always saw me always busy on computer making blogs, chatting with friends, making research, watching movies and playing songs. Every time I'm busy on chatting with friends she got the mouse and sends smileys on them and if she hears the sounds of those smileys she laughed. My friends were wondering why I kept on sending them those smileys. She really knows how to use the mouse. Every time she saw the camera of my friends she will also get our cam and connect it to my pc. She also knows how to connect our headset and she was the one who called them by clicking the mouse on the word call. Then when she hears a voice on the headset she will say "hello" or "lo" then speak the words that we couldn't understand. My friends enjoyed watching her on camera because my baby is very charming and she's very talkative even they didn't understand her word. She likes to play her CD songs both Korean and English and she knows how to put it in the pc. She's now 1year and 11 months. Her birthday is on December 14. I hope we will having a small party for her even with my friends only.
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