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Monday, November 3, 2008

Learning Korean Cuisine in our House

After our Korean class I went immediately to the bank with my 2 friends to send money at western union then a Korean woman called my phone and told me that she will be in our house at exactly 2pm that's why I went home early before 2pm. When I got home I saw a car and think that it was them. I let them in and served drinks. The old Korean woman gave me a little gift and it was cute, an accessory. They enjoyed watching my baby while my baby also entertained them with her cute smile and talks something that we couldn't understand. We begun our first recipe which is "melchi pokom" or small dried fish. I already know how to cook it but their style of cooking was different and it taste better. I also told them that I want to know different style of cooking sweet potato because my husband requested me to cook it because he loves to eat potato. After we done all of it they left our house and I also hurriedly went back to the bank and bring my passport with me. When I send money I was very shock because the rate of Korean won compared to US dollar was very low. I hope so it will raise next month.

Her cute gift for me

teacher in cooking

Melchi pokom


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