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Monday, November 3, 2008

Korean Language School Gift Card

This morning we had our Korean language class, I'm a little bit tired but I forced myself to get up early to take shower. Although it's hard for me to go to school with my baby but I had to do in order to learn fast that's why I always bring my baby's stroller with me so that I will not carry her anymore. After we had our book discussion me and my baby went to the toilet and when we got back I was confused why they called 5 students including me. Last Monday our teacher told us to write those things that we want and our plan in the future. Then this morning they selected the top 5 out of 26 foreign students. They let us read our paper in front using the microphone. The first name that was called was a Filipina when she read her paper she cries and I just said to myself why this lady cried she's very emotional and I just laughed in silent. When they called my name I was very confident because I will only read what I wrote last Monday. But then when I stood up with my baby and hold the microphone to begin, I don't know what happen to me, I can't stop my tears falling and I read it very emotional. Maybe I cried because I read it with feelings because it's really true, I wrote about my situation here that I'm tired of bringing my baby with me at school because I can't concentrate during class hour and I want her to put at baby's school but every time I told it to my husband he just said "I don't know." Also I want to go home this coming December because I really miss my family and friends. Then after I read it I saw my teacher wiping her tears. Then they gave us a gift card with an amount of 10,000won check, it's not that big amount but I'm happy to have it and keep it as a memorable remembrance.

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